What Is An Online Alcohol and Drug Assessment For Court? 

We get this question a lot so I will try and help by answering some of the basics. An alcohol and drug evaluation is performed by a licensed counselor and typically involves a one-on-one interview in addition to answering a short written questionnaire.    

Clients are usually expected to arrive with several case related documents that will assist in the evaluation. Copies of citations and contact information of probation and attorneys are a must so be sure to bring that with you. The main purpose behind all drug and alcohol evaluation is to provide courts and probation officers a detailed report of the incident and if the client has a drug or alcohol problem that needs to be addressed further.  Counselors are interested in providing clients with the knowledge they need to make better decisions for themselves and society.  Typically, if further treatment is recommneded, it more than likely will be in the form of suggesting ASAM Level I group counseling sessions.