What Does An Approved Traffic School Mean

What Does An Approved Online Traffic School Mean

How do I know if I'm going to a State approved traffic school.  Traffic Schools are licensed and regulated by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.  They oversee all activities and programs within each school.  The school will have a 4 digit license number that you need to look for or ask about.  With so many online DUI Schools popping up, you need to be careful because only accepts certificates from schools that are licensed. 

The fees for the DUI risk reduction program are set by Georgia law. $292 is the cost and if somewhere is charging you less or more, they aren't state certified.  Every class will have two components.  The needs assessment and the intervention component.  The Intervention component will last 3 days.  You must fill in the needs assessment and pay in advance at all Georgia schools.  Look around and find the school that best meets your needs.

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