History of NM Online Education

At NM Online Education (formerly North Metro Traffic School), our approach is simple. We want to focus on what our customers need and find a way to do it better than anyone else.  Keep in mind, that we may make a commission from some of the links on our site or phone calls that you make.  However, we have done our research and choose our partners carefully to best serve our visitors. 

Founded in 2008, North Metro Traffic School became one of the largest providers of state-approved court classes and counseling services in the state of Georgia. From day one, our mission was to create a more efficient, more pleasant DUI, Defensive Driving and Alcohol and Drug Evaluation services experience than was available on the market. Our students tell us we’re succeeding at that goal.

About Us

We believe in employing the best, most experienced state-approved instructors and we’ve sought out some of the top clinical evaluation counselors. We also know that everyone wants more options when it comes to classes and counseling, so that is when we decided to start NM Online Educaiton.  

NM Online Education was years in the making and we feel like it is the best overall group of online driving school classes and counseling programs available on the internet.  We have partnered with some of the largest providers of Online DUI School, Treatment & Rehab Centers and Online Drug Classes in the country.  In addition, North Metro Traffic School is one of only a handful of website providing counselors that will complete over-the-phone clinical evaluations and assessments for drug arrests or alcohol arrests.  Using both online questionaires and phone interviews, these online drug and alcohol assessments are very unique.  

Our Online Defensive Driving and Online Driver's Education courses are also some of the best on the internet. We have partnered with the Largest provider of online driving school courses and the class is state-of-the-art.  Online defensive driving is a very popular course and in many states, these courses can be used for a variety of tickets and moving violations including speeding.  Online Driver's Ed has been around for a while now and the online program keeps getting better.  Many states will allow the online course portion to be completed through a course like North Metro's and then the behind the wheel portion can be completed at a school in the city where you live.  

Our staff has worked tirelessly to build these relationships and partnerships into what we have today.  You will not find better programs at better prices.  Every online class is informative, impactful, convenient and easy to enroll.  Many cost the same or less than similar in-person classes but you will get to complete our new courses from the comfort of your own home.  Sign up today to get started.  

  • Mission Statement

    NM Online Education’s mission is to provide easy access for our clients to the top online Drug and Alcohol courses and teen driving programs in the US. Our focus is centered around helping people complete required courses while getting the help they need to turn around their lives and making better decisions moving forward.

  • Why Us

    We started this business many years ago to provide clients with a better environment and more professional option when taking a required court ordered program. Through this process we have studied and researched every partnership and class option available and make it our goal to provide students with the most trusted and accepted online class network available.



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