Refund Policy

Refund Policy

All students refunds are handled by the companies that provide the classes we market for.  Because we are just an affliate for other companies, all refund requests MUST be made to them directly.  We do not handle any payments, transactions, course information or have any information relating to what courses are taken or completed.  We do not collect any visitor information as well.

That said, we only work with the most reputible and trust online course providers in the US. In addition, the treatment and rehab centers we recommend are some of the largest and most professional anywhere in the US.  

The majority of the online classes you will find on NM Online Education do offer full refunds and you should not have any problems contacting them directly.  They work with students from all over the country and are very professional.  

To learn more, each company has detailed refund information on the registration pages of  their websites.  Thank you.  

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