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New State Drug Arrest Classes Online With more and more states in the US changing their marijuana possession laws, many people are struggling to understand what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to marijuana and marijuana possession.  Across the US many states are cracking down on pot possession and there are still thousands of arrests every year for possessing or smoking marijuana.  If you have received a ticket or been arrested for this, there are things you can do that could help your case.  Online drug arrest classes are available.  These programs will through the dangers and consequences of smoking marijuana and to determine what you need to do if you have a problem.  Classes range from 8 hours to more than 20 hours depending on the individual state and what requirements are needed to be met.  Taking an online class prior to a court date can help...
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Online DUI and Drug Evaluations
Online Alcohol Assessments For Arrests Available Nationwide If you have been ordered to complete a drug or alcohol evaluation, you are not alone. Many states are now requiring most offenders to complete an evaluation with a licensed counselor. Online Drug and Alcohol evaluations can take place using your computer, phone and answering questions online. Because many people do not have access to a vehicle or live in an area where many drug and alcohol counselors are available. Completing a distant court evaluation is fairly straight forward. You will be asked questions regarding your life, current situation and how ofter you are using drugs or alcohol. The purpose of a drug and alcohol evaluation is to be sure a counselor has understood the issues with the client and will provide the court, school, job or what ever party is requiring the drug and alcohol assessment. Over the phone evaluations are very popular...
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Arizona Online DUI Class
Alcohol and Drug Classes Now Online   Have you received a ticket for a DUI or other alcohol or drug related arrest in Arizona?  You’re not alone and many new websites are popping up to help students complete these new courses online.  Programs like ours cover and go over all the same materials found in in-person DUI courses in Arizona but all in the online format.     Whether you live in Phoenix or Tucson or if you were visiting.  Arizona laws are very strict and thousands of people are convicted of DUIs and Possession of Marijuana cases.  Because of the stiff penalties and the high costs to fight these charges, many students in Arizona decide to be proactive and take an Online DUI Class.  These classes last anywhere from 8 hours to 24 hours.  Every program will consist of videos, quizzes, tutorials and much more.      New DUI courses...
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Nevada Evaluations Online
Court Assements Online For Alcohol or Drugs   Today many people arrested or going to court in Nevada may be required to complete an extensive drug and alcohol evaluation.  Many states this is mandatory including Georgia.  Whether you are going through a Divorce or recently received a DUI in Nevada, an online drug and alcohol evaluation is something you may need to complete.    An assessment is given by a licensed and trained counselor.  This process consists of a variety of tools and measurements to determine the clients behavior when it comes to alochol and drug use.  Many clients will meet multiple times with a counselor to complete just one session but these evaluations are now available online.    The clinical evaluation will start off with a long questionaire and surveys. These reports and outcome have been studied for many years and the results of each report can provide vital information...
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Nevade Online DUI & Drug Class
Online Classes For DUI and Drug Arrests Many people have been arrested while visiting Nevada and online classes for these arrests are now available.  Whether it was a DUI or drug possession case, an online class can help.  We recommend all students be as proactive as possible.  Completing one of the 8 hour or 10 hour classes could help your case in Nevada. An online DUI class in Nevada is accepted by the courts but always be sure to call or speak with an attorney to ensure this will be the only program you will need to complete.  Enrollment is easy and all of our classes are the most professional classes available online.   During the DUI class you will learn about the the dangers of drinking and driving and how to be sure to make the appropriate changes regarding either drug use or alcohol use.  Our online drug and alcohol...
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(16 January 2017)

Indiana Defensive Driving Online
Online Court Courses In Indiana Have you recently received a speeding ticket or other moving violation in Indiana?  Whether you are a resident or driving through, Indiana has cracked down on speeders and other offenders in the last several years.  Online Defensive Driving Courses are a great way to start the process and be proactive over your ticket.  From the comfort of your own home or at your office, you can quickly and easily begin a class and complete it before you have to go to court.   In many cases, a condition of a speeding ticket can be reduced with the completion of a 4 or 6 hour program.  Online you can find one of these courses and typically it will cost a lot less than the more expensive and time consume in-person defensive driving classes that are offered throughout Indiana.  Did you receive your ticket in Indianapolis?  Did you run...
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(22 December 2016)

California Online DUI Class
California DUI Classes Online Have you been worried about an upcoming court appearance for a DUI or other alcohol related charge in California?  If so, you may want to consider taking a new Online DUI Class before you go.  These programs have become more and more advanced and the new courses are very informative and can change your life.  However, not all courses are the same.  Many Online DUI Classes in California are not as in depth in what is covered and many courts to not accept certificates of completion from a lot of these different companies.   What you should look for is a class that meets your requirements as far as how many hours you will need to complete before you enroll.  Whether it is a 8 hour online class or 20 hour class, you should find out the requirements in California before you get started.  Typically enrollment is easy...
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North Metro Online Education Offers Nevada DUI School Online  Since our inception in 2008, North Metro Online Education has strived to be the leader in teaching DUI School courses and helping students meet their requirements and make changes to their lives that will help them make better decisions when it comes to drinking alcohol.  Online DUI School in Nevada has grown over the years and now these new programs are helping even more students complete the necessary requirements for court, schools and with their jobs.  Whether you have been to court or waiting on an appearance, being proactive can really help show the court you are taking your mistake seriously and want to make an improvement.  You will learn about the dangers of drinking and driving and how to stop from making the same mistake twice. Nevada Online DUI School can help no matter which city or county you received a...
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(27 October 2016)

Online Driving School In Florida Since 2008, North Metro Traffic School has been assisting residents in Florida with their traffic tickets and arrests.  Offering a wide variety of traffic school programs online, our online driving school has been a leader in the defensive driving, DUI School and driver’s education programs.  For nearly7 years all of our courses were given in person but as of 2015, we have partnered with some of the country’s top online driving course providers.  When you enroll through our website, you will be directed to our registration pages located on one of these partners websites.  This is a secure and fast way to get started.  All of the courses are approved but most of our students take the class before they go to court anyway.  Being proactive is what online driving schools are best at.  More than likely if you have received a DUI, speeding ticket, MIP,...
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(25 October 2016)

DUI Class Online Now Available Nationwide  Arrested for DUI in your State?  If so, there are new proactive programs available for the first time.  New Online DUI Classes are being offered by North Metro Online Education for all 50 states.  Whether it's a first time offense or a multi offender situation, taking an online dui course can help your chances in court and also teach you critical information needed to make the necessary changes in your life for having this happen again.  The point of Online courses is to teach and inform the students but also to make it more assessible to students that may not have access to a vehicle.  As you know, one of the main conditions once you receive a DUI or other Alcohol related charge is the inablity to drive and having your license suspended or taken away until the first court date.   This is where...
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Florida Online Evaluations
Evaluations Over The Phone For Florida Alcohol & Drug Cases Florida is one of the largest states in the country and because of this, Florida still has some of the highest figures on alcohol and drug arrests in the nation. With several major universites in the state, the number of young people in Florida continues to grow.  With so many arrests and incidences, the number of cases flooding Florida court rooms continues to grow. One major condition given to many offenders is the completion of an Alcohol and Drug Clinical Evaluation.  This is a meeting with a licensed counselor to determine if there is a drug or alcohol problem that the court or attornies should know about.   Many states have used clinical assessments like this for many years.  In addition to DUI evaluations or marijuana possession evaluations, many divorces and child custody attorneys and judges will now recommend the completion...
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Have You Received An Open Container or Drug Possession Charge Every year thousands of Georgia citizens receive underage possession of alcohol or marijuana charges in our state alone.  Most of these offenses are misdemeanors and will require the offenders to complete a variety of punishments, fines, programs and other conditions based on the individual case.  In most cases in Georgia, all students will be required to complete the 20 Hour Risk Reduction program if you have received an Alcohol related charge.  However, if you have received a drug paraphernalia or possession charge, you may be required to complete much more and that is where North Metro Online Education can help.  We have partnered with the top provider of Drug arrest classes in the country.  We now offer all of our programs online and each online course will vary from just 2 hours to 30 hours to complete.  Each class is tailored to...
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(19 September 2016)

Online DUI School Class
Georgia Online DUI Classes Have you received a DUI or other alcohol related charge in Georgia and are worried about going to court? One class that is required in Georgia is the 20 hour Risk Reduction Class.  This program has been around for years and is still a requirement in the state for all offenders of DUI and many other offenses.  However, because you have not been to court yet, many students decide to take the online version of this program first to help show the court or others involved that you are taking this case seriously.  Being proactive can help your case. Another benefit of taking this class is because of what you will learn.  Online DUI School has come a long way.  This state of the art program uses multi media, videos and much more to make the class interesting and impactful at the same time.   There are...
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National Teen Driving School Based In Atlanta, Georgia Our Online Teen Driving and Defensive Driving school started in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008.  Since then North Metro Traffic School and now North Metro Online Education has helped thousands of teen drivers get their licenses and many more clients the help they need through our licensed Defensive driving program.   This is something we have grown from a very small program to now being one of the leading providers of online defensive driving courses in the country.  We have partnered with another national company to provide the very latest and best curriculum available and the classes are 100% guaranteed.  If you have received a speeding ticket or other moving violation you may be eligible to complete an online defensive driving class and you just didn't know it.  Ask your attorney or court if this is acceptable and if it is, enrollment is easy....
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Online Texas Driver's Education
Learning To Drive Online In Texas If you are learning to drive or about to get your driving permit and live in Texas, we have a course for you. It's a new online program developed specifically for Texas.  For teenagers just learning to adults needing extra practise, North Metro Traffic School online driver's education program can help.  We have partnered with the leading provider of teen driving curriculum in the country.   It's fun, easy and very informative.  This Texas course will cover rules of the road, what to do in certain situations, traffic signs, parts of the car, defensive driving and much, much more.  Enrollment is easy and you can click here to be taken to our registration page.  Let us know how we can help you get your license in Texas and please drive safe.   ...
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Texas Online Counselor Evaluations
Over The Phone Counselors Available In Texas Many people will need to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation or assessment in their life.  Whether it is for a drug or alcohol arrest, school, job or even a divorce, these sessions consist of a one-on-one meeting with a counselor.  Now, North Metro Traffic School is offering a program where students can complete an assessment over the phone and internet.   We use licensed counselors that are professional and available to help.  Documents can be filled in online and a video call can be set up.  Once the evaluation is completed, the counselor will prepare and send you all the necessary documents you need.  This can help in many different situations and as any attorney or advisor will tell you, it's better to be proactive than not at all.   The fees for the over the phone evaluation in Texas vary depending on...
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Texas Online Drug Arrest Class
State of Texas Possession of Marijuana Class  Have you been arrested or received a ticket for a misdemeanor drug possession case.  If so, you may want to consider an online program to help your case.  If you take an online class it could help your chances with a Texas court.  Or if you have just received a ticket and want to try and minimize your punishment, you may want to take one of North Metro Traffic School's courses.  Started in 2008, North Metro Traffic School has been teaching students and helping them through their court and legal issues.  The online classes we offer in Texas are the most comprehensive and most in-depth courses of any online school.  Enrollment is easy and the cost is less than what an in-person drug arrest program would charge.  Whether it is 8 hours or 20 hours, all of the courses are comprehensive and you will...
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#1 Online Defensive Driving Course In Texas Have you received a speeding ticket recently in Texas?  If so, you may be required to complete a State approved defensive driving class.  North Metro Online Education has just that class.  We have provided with the leading providers of defensive driving programs in the country.  The course is informative, entertaining and can help your chances of reducing a ticket or even lowering your insurance.  If you have not been to court, you may want to inquire about taking an online class to see if it will help.  They provide all the information and certificates you will need to provide to court for your speeding ticket or other driving offense.  This is also a great class for teenagers.  You will learn all about the rules of the road, what to do in an accident and better driving techniques.   Click here to learn more and...
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(11 April 2016)

Alcohol Arrest Classes In Texas The state of Texas has some of the highest number of alcohol and DUI arrests of any where in the country.  DUIs are a national problem but also a local problem and every state has their own rules and regulations.  In Texas, many people who have been arrested are being proactive and starting to take Online DUI and Alcohol arrest programs.  This can help your chances in court.  If you have not been arrested for a DUI but may be needing a class for a new job, for entrance into a school or job are also enrolling in one of our programs we offer.   These courses are offered over 8, 10, 12, 20 or even 30 hours in length so we will have a class you need.  The DUI class is very informative and upon completion, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion that...
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(23 March 2016)

New York Online DUI School
New York DUI School & Alcohol Arrest Classes Available Online Now If you live in New York and have been arrested for a DUI, DWI or underage possession of alcohol class, you now have an option of taking an online court class for an upcoming court date.  Also, if you need an alcohol risk reduction class for school or work or custody case, North Metro Online Education will have the program for you.   We have partnered with the largest and most approved provider of online DUI School courses in the country.  Whether it is an 8, 12, 20 or even 30 hour alcohol awareness course, we will have an option for you.   In addition to helping with an upcoming case or job requirement, the programs we offer will have a great benefit on your life as well.  Every program will teach students the dangers of drinking and driving and...
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