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How Taking a Defensive Driving Course Can Help You Dismiss a Traffic Citation


Being pulled over by the police and handed a ticket for a traffic violation is something every driver dreads. No one wants to get a ticket, yet often it's unavoidable. As human beings, we frequently make errors or misjudgments of various types and these mistakes come with consequences. A traffic violation citation is just one of the many penalties a driver can receive as a result of his or her mistake on the road. Although the word "ticket" is used colloquially to describe the document given out for speeding or parking infractions, it is known as a "citation" in legal jargon and is considered more accurate.


A traffic citation is a formal notice from a police officer. The written form details your wrongdoing, whether it was speeding, disregarding a stop sign, or some other infraction.

To summarize, a traffic ticket is issued to you if you are discovered violating traffic regulations. It's evidence of your mistake, and it usually includes instructions on how to correct it, such as paying a fine or appearing in court at a stipulated time.

Depending on the infractions committed, a traffic ticket may have one or more violations. Infractions such as illegal lane changing, speeding, lack of insurance, no fastened seat belt, or a broken tail light are all possible violations.

What happens if you do get a traffic ticket? Is it going to ruin your driving record? Do you have any options? It's never too late to learn what to do if you get a traffic citation, and it's essential to know how to possibly dismiss one if you do receive one.

What is a Defensive Driving Course?


The primary goal of a defensive driving course is to prevent collisions by teaching drivers defensive driving techniques. Defensive driving emphasizes anticipating hazards and reacting in a predictable way, which may help drivers avoid accidents. These methods go well beyond conventional traffic rules and procedures.

Students may take defensive driving courses to help them improve their driving abilities. They learn how to do this by anticipating events and making safe and well-informed choices. In the end students learn how to enhance their driving abilities while reducing their risk of accidents. The advantages of taking a defensive driving course depend on the state, but it's typically accompanied by fewer points on your driver's license after receiving a ticket and an assurance that your car insurance company won't raise your rates. In some states, completing a defensive driving course might reduce your insurance premiums by up to 10% for three to five years.

Requirements for the defensive driving course differ from state to state, just like the benefits. While most basic defensive driving lessons are four hours in length, some may be up to six or eight hours long.

In some states, for example, the defensive driver may complete the defensive driving course exclusively via video, while in other states, they must do so in a classroom. NM Online Education is a good example of a platform that connects you with an online defensive driving course. This online platform offers intensive defensive driving training, with each course tailored to each of the fifty states throughout the US. You can find out more about our programs and find an online defensive driving course that works for you through our website.

How to Dismiss a Ticket Through Defensive Driving Courses


First, contact the court. There is a date on the traffic citation you received from the police officer. That's the deadline by which you must notify the court that you've received the ticket and want to discuss your choices. The court may also accept a deferral of adjudication, or simply "deferral." This means that you will be on court-approved probation for a set length of time and must pay both the court cost and the full fine. The ticket, in this case, is not recorded on your driving record. But that seems expensive, right?

The most straightforward and economical approach is to take defensive driving training, although the court may refer to it as a "driving safety course." Note that you can dismiss only one citation within a year using this course.

Even if there is no possibility of having the ticket dismissed, it is recommended that drivers under the age of 25 complete a defensive driving course every time they receive a citation, whether or not it is their first offense.

The court can dismiss your ticket if you get permission from the judge before taking a defensive driving course. This is typically a formality, but you'll need the court's approval to have the ticket dismissed first. The officer who pulls you over might have recommended that you take an online defensive driving course, but that isn't enough; you'll need to acquire court authorization.

Taking the Online Defensive Driving Courses


The next stage is to take a defensive driving course online. If you opt to enroll in a defensive driving course and have your ticket cleared, NM Online can assist you in finding an online defensive driving school taught by experts. Forget about inconvenient, airless classrooms and sit back in the comfort of your home to complete the course. You can use your phone, tablet, or laptop to complete the requirements of this course, at your own pace.

You can take the court-approved defensive driving course on any device in any location since it's entirely online. You can even switch between devices if you wish. Everything is stored on their servers, so all you need is access to the internet to complete the course. After that, simply register for an online course and go through it at your own pace when you can. Defensive driving course online, online driving course need not be a hassle anymore.

NM Online Education

The goal of NM Online Education is to provide our clients with quick access to the top online courses to learn safe driving techniques and the best drug and alcohol courses and treatment centers in the United States. We are committed to assisting customers in finishing their required courses while also providing the assistance they may need to turn around their lives and make better decisions in the future.

This platform was started many years ago to give clients a more conducive environment, a more professional alternative, and easy access to complete a court-ordered program. Through this process, we have studied and researched every partnership and class option available and made it our goal to provide students with the most trusted and accepted online class network available.

NM Online makes it very easy for you to successfully complete any of our courses while providing you with a money-back guarantee. You can browse our site to find out more about NM Online and the other services the platform offers. This is indeed your clearest path to becoming a safer driver and clearing any traffic citations.

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