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The Perils of Drinking: Consequences, Recovery, and Redemption


  Alcohol consumption, while often associated with celebration and socializing, comes with significant dangers and consequences that can negatively impact an individual's life. From legal troubles and health issues to emotional and social ramifications, the effects of excessive drinking can be far-reaching. In this blog post, we will explore the dangers of drinking, delve into the wide-ranging consequences it entails, and finally, shed light on the potential for turning one's life around and reaping the benefits of sobriety. The Dangers of Drinking Alcohol, when consumed irresponsibly or excessively, poses a myriad of dangers to both individuals and society as a whole. It impairs judgment, slows reaction times, and decreases coordination, leading to a higher risk of accidents and injuries. Some of the prominent dangers of drinking include: Impaired Driving and Legal Consequences One of the most significant dangers associated with alcohol consumption is impaired driving, which contributes to a substantial number...

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Should I Complete My Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Online

Benefits of an Online Drug or Alcohol Evaluation  Have you been required to complete a drug or alcohol evaluation by a court or other authority to meet a requirement of a specific case or legal situation?  You may want to consider doing this online as more and more counselors are now offering remote opportunities to have this done.   As you know, many states are now requiring Alcohol and Drug evaluations or assessments to be completed for a wide variety of cases.  It could be for a DUI or Drug Possession case, a divorce situation or many, many other cases now.  The purpose of alcohol assessment is to determine if there is a problem with drinking and a licensed counselors job is to conduct an interview to determine just that.  Or, if you have received a ticket or have struggled with a drug problem in the past, a drug evaluator will...

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Where Can I Find An Online Anger Management Class

Anger Management Classes Online Nationwide   Have you or someone you know been ordered to complete an anger management course?  If so, you will need a few tips before signing up.  Here are a few frequently asked questions.     How Do I Know Which Anger Management Class To Take?   The course a student needs depends on many factors including the reason they have been ordered to attend, which state they are in and if this is being ordered by a court or being done proactively on your own.     Many violent offenses including domestic violence, battery, disorderly conduct and assault will require an anger management course as part of the conditions set forth by a court of law.  However, there are many different reasons why a student will need or want to take an anger management class and many of these people will choose to take their anger...

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Can I Take An Online Drug And Alcohol Evaluation 

Online DUI and Drug Evaluations

Online Alcohol Assessments For Arrests Available Nationwide If you have been ordered to complete a drug or alcohol evaluation, you are not alone. Many states are now requiring most offenders to complete an evaluation with a licensed counselor. Online Drug and Alcohol evaluations can take place using your computer, phone and answering questions online. Because many people do not have access to a vehicle or live in an area where many drug and alcohol counselors are available. Completing a distant court evaluation is fairly straight forward. You will be asked questions regarding your life, current situation and how ofter you are using drugs or alcohol. The purpose of a drug and alcohol evaluation is to be sure a counselor has understood the issues with the client and will provide the court, school, job or what ever party is requiring the drug and alcohol assessment. Over the phone evaluations are very popular...

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What Is A Nevada Drug & Alcohol Evaluation

Nevada Evaluations Online

Court Assements Online For Alcohol or Drugs   Today many people arrested or going to court in Nevada may be required to complete an extensive drug and alcohol evaluation.  Many states this is mandatory including Georgia.  Whether you are going through a Divorce or recently received a DUI in Nevada, an online drug and alcohol evaluation is something you may need to complete.    An assessment is given by a licensed and trained counselor.  This process consists of a variety of tools and measurements to determine the clients behavior when it comes to alochol and drug use.  Many clients will meet multiple times with a counselor to complete just one session but these evaluations are now available online.    The clinical evaluation will start off with a long questionaire and surveys. These reports and outcome have been studied for many years and the results of each report can provide vital information...

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Florida Online Clinical Evaluations & Assessments

Florida Online Evaluations

Evaluations Over The Phone For Florida Alcohol & Drug Cases Florida is one of the largest states in the country and because of this, Florida still has some of the highest figures on alcohol and drug arrests in the nation. With several major universites in the state, the number of young people in Florida continues to grow.  With so many arrests and incidences, the number of cases flooding Florida court rooms continues to grow. One major condition given to many offenders is the completion of an Alcohol and Drug Clinical Evaluation.  This is a meeting with a licensed counselor to determine if there is a drug or alcohol problem that the court or attornies should know about.   Many states have used clinical assessments like this for many years.  In addition to DUI evaluations or marijuana possession evaluations, many divorces and child custody attorneys and judges will now recommend the completion...

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Texas Clinical Evaluations Over The Phone

Texas Online Counselor Evaluations

Over The Phone Counselors Available In Texas Many people will need to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation or assessment in their life.  Whether it is for a drug or alcohol arrest, school, job or even a divorce, these sessions consist of a one-on-one meeting with a counselor.  Now, North Metro Traffic School is offering a program where students can complete an assessment over the phone and internet.   We use licensed counselors that are professional and available to help.  Documents can be filled in online and a video call can be set up.  Once the evaluation is completed, the counselor will prepare and send you all the necessary documents you need.  This can help in many different situations and as any attorney or advisor will tell you, it's better to be proactive than not at all.   The fees for the over the phone evaluation in Texas vary depending on...

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Over The Phone Drug And Alcohol Evaluations

Over The Phone Drug And Alcohol Evaluations

Online Alcohol & Drug Assessments By A Counselor Many states in the US require a alcohol and drug evaluation or assessment be completed as part of a condition for a specific court case. In addition, many divorces, child custody, school infractions and employers will require completion of a drug and alcohol evaluation by a licensed counselor.  Most states will require the evaluation if you have received a DUI, BUI, DWI, drug possession or underage consumption of alcohol.  An alcohol and drug evaluation is a one-on-one session with a counselor that will ask you questions about your life, why you are being required to take an assessment, what happened during the incident and your history with drinking or doing drugs.  The states require an evaluation to help the clients understand the situation and hopefully get help if they need it. It is also a very good way to ensure clients with very...

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Over the Phone Alcohol and Drug Evaluations In Georgia

Online Alcohol and Drug Evaluations Several years ago in Georgia lawmakers changed the law that would require offenders of most all drug and alcohol related arrest to now complete a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation from a licensed counselor.  This remains the same in 2016 but many more people are completing these evaluations pre-trial and there are many new reasons people are completing these as well.    North Metro Online Education wants people to be proactive and if you have not been to court or if you are taking an evaluation for a divorce, job or school, you should consider completing an Over-the-phone evaluation.  The counselors we send our students too are licensed professionals and will complete an in-depth clinical evaluation over the phone and create a professional report to be used with your case or to be submitted to someone else.   The convenience of completing a drug and alcohol evaluation...

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New Over The Phone Clinical Evaluations

Certified Counselors Available For Consultations Over The Phone  National Provider of Drug and Alcohol Evaluations  If you have been arrested or need to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation for a job or school or upcoming court case, our new counselors can help and all of this can be done over the phone.   North Metro Online Education has partnered with certified counselors that can perform drug and alcohol assessments remotely.  You will need to consult with your attorney or court before you begin but these sessions are very helpful and can often times be used in a court case.   Many states are now requiring Alcohol and Drug evaluations for all types of cases so you may be needing one to satisify a court requirement. Other reasons include high school or college requirements and many jobs will require a meeting with a counselor to complete an assessment.  We can help....

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