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Should I Complete My Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Online

Benefits of an Online Drug or Alcohol Evaluation 

Have you been required to complete a drug or alcohol evaluation by a court or other authority to meet a requirement of a specific case or legal situation?  You may want to consider doing this online as more and more counselors are now offering remote opportunities to have this done.  

As you know, many states are now requiring Alcohol and Drug evaluations or assessments to be completed for a wide variety of cases.  It could be for a DUI or Drug Possession case, a divorce situation or many, many other cases now.  The purpose of alcohol assessment is to determine if there is a problem with drinking and a licensed counselors job is to conduct an interview to determine just that.  Or, if you have received a ticket or have struggled with a drug problem in the past, a drug evaluator will ask certain questions related to the case and put together a full report.  

Whether you live in Georgia, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, it doesn't matter.  The licensed counselors will be able to help as more and more of these programs are becoming standardized across the country.  

Currently there are more and more counselors located all over that have set up these sessions online and are able to conduct the majority of the session through Skype and emailed questionaires.  Because many people having to complete this requirement may not have a valid driver's license, this is a convenient way to complete this necessary step in having your case resolved.  

It is always a good idea to check with the court or your attorney before starting one but being proactive is another huge benefit of using an Online Alcohol and Drug Evaluation to have before you even begin the court or legal process.  Many of the top criminal defense attorney's in the US will always recommend doing as much as you can before a case ever goes to trial to prove you are taking it seriously and getting the proper help you need. 

In addition to an over the phone or skype interview, the trained counselors will also gather vital information as it pertains to your past and present drug and alcohol usage.  Another main goal of an evaluation is to get people the help they need so if you are struggling, this is a great time to get the help you need whether it is for a drinking or drug problem. Another great thing is it's always free to give them a try and see if it's the right fit for you.  

Once completed, your online counselor will put together a detailed report and either email or mail you a professional report or "evaluation results" that can be used in court or turned over to a lawyer or institution.  From time to time, a counselor will recommend additional steps be completed as a result of their findings.Every state is a little different but the clinical evaluator will know what needs to be done after and will be sure you meet all of your requirements before moving on.

If you are interested in completing one or learning more about starting an online drug and alcohol evaluation, click here.  

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