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How Taking a Defensive Driving Course Can Help You Dismiss a Traffic Citation


Being pulled over by the police and handed a ticket for a traffic violation is something every driver dreads. No one wants to get a ticket, yet often it's unavoidable. As human beings, we frequently make errors or misjudgments of various types and these mistakes come with consequences. A traffic violation citation is just one of the many penalties a driver can receive as a result of his or her mistake on the road. Although the word "ticket" is used colloquially to describe the document given out for speeding or parking infractions, it is known as a "citation" in legal jargon and is considered more accurate.

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4 Tips To Help You Get Rid of a Traffic Ticket


It's never pleasant to get a speeding ticket, or any kind of traffic citation, but it's something that happens to most drivers. One in ten drivers in the United States is stopped for speeding every year, and about 70% of those receive citations. It's a terrible smudge on your driving record and this is one of the reasons many find it so annoying and frustrating. On top of that, a traffic violation ticket can be quite costly when it leads to increased rates or hidden fees from your car insurance company. Not to mention the cost of the ticket itself, which may be a hefty sum. Furthermore, if you obtain too many citations, your driving license may be revoked. To summarize, there's simply nothing pleasant about a traffic citation.

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Where Do I Sign Up For New York Online Driving School

New York Online

New Online DUI and Defensive Driving Schools Now Available   Looking for online classes has come along way in the last 5 years.  Many new courses and companies have come onboard offering all different kinds of programs.  One of the newest types of online classes are the traffic school programs that have been offered in person for many years in New York.  However, more and more driving schools are available online.    New York online DUI classes, New York online Defensive Driving and New York online drug and alcohol evaluations can be taken over the phone and completely online.  These programs are great for the students looking to be proactive for a court case or have been ordered by a school or job to complete a course in order to meet some kind of condition.    Whether it is a DUI in New York or speeding ticket in New York or...

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Defensive Driving In Indiana

Indiana Defensive Driving Online

Online Court Courses In Indiana Have you recently received a speeding ticket or other moving violation in Indiana?  Whether you are a resident or driving through, Indiana has cracked down on speeders and other offenders in the last several years.  Online Defensive Driving Courses are a great way to start the process and be proactive over your ticket.  From the comfort of your own home or at your office, you can quickly and easily begin a class and complete it before you have to go to court.   In many cases, a condition of a speeding ticket can be reduced with the completion of a 4 or 6 hour program.  Online you can find one of these courses and typically it will cost a lot less than the more expensive and time consume in-person defensive driving classes that are offered throughout Indiana.  Did you receive your ticket in Indianapolis?  Did you run...

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Florida Driving Schools Online


Online Driving School In Florida Since 2008, North Metro Traffic School has been assisting residents in Florida with their traffic tickets and arrests.  Offering a wide variety of traffic school programs online, our online driving school has been a leader in the defensive driving, DUI School and driver’s education programs.  For nearly7 years all of our courses were given in person but as of 2015, we have partnered with some of the country’s top online driving course providers.  When you enroll through our website, you will be directed to our registration pages located on one of these partners websites.  This is a secure and fast way to get started.  All of the courses are approved but most of our students take the class before they go to court anyway.  Being proactive is what online driving schools are best at.  More than likely if you have received a DUI, speeding ticket, MIP,...

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Summer Driving School Courses Online


National Teen Driving School Based In Atlanta, Georgia Our Online Teen Driving and Defensive Driving school started in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008.  Since then North Metro Traffic School and now North Metro Online Education has helped thousands of teen drivers get their licenses and many more clients the help they need through our licensed Defensive driving program.   This is something we have grown from a very small program to now being one of the leading providers of online defensive driving courses in the country.  We have partnered with another national company to provide the very latest and best curriculum available and the classes are 100% guaranteed.  If you have received a speeding ticket or other moving violation you may be eligible to complete an online defensive driving class and you just didn't know it.  Ask your attorney or court if this is acceptable and if it is, enrollment is easy....

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Approved Online Defensive Driving Course In Texas


#1 Online Defensive Driving Course In Texas Have you received a speeding ticket recently in Texas?  If so, you may be required to complete a State approved defensive driving class.  North Metro Online Education has just that class.  We have provided with the leading providers of defensive driving programs in the country.  The course is informative, entertaining and can help your chances of reducing a ticket or even lowering your insurance.  If you have not been to court, you may want to inquire about taking an online class to see if it will help.  They provide all the information and certificates you will need to provide to court for your speeding ticket or other driving offense.  This is also a great class for teenagers.  You will learn all about the rules of the road, what to do in an accident and better driving techniques.   Click here to learn more and...

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Online Defensive Driving In Georgia

GA Def Driving

6 Hour Defensive Driving Programs Available Online In Georgia Whether you live in Atlanta, Savannah or Macon, you may be required to complete a Defensive Driving Program for a speeding ticket or other moving violation. North Metro Traffic School has been offering this program since 2008 and now we have an online program for your convenience.   You can go to our Online Georgia Defensive Driving page here to find out more.      Many Georgia courts rely on Defensive Driving programs to help slow down drivers and make them more aware of their surroundings.  The course covers everything from rules of the road to what to do in case of an accident.  The information you gather will help you become a better driver but also taking this course online may help your chances in court.  Everyone would agree that being proactive before a court date can only help your chances in...

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Nationwide Online Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Courses Now Offered Online Classes for Speeding Tickets in All 50 States If you have received a speeding ticket or other moving violation, you may be aware of your options and Defensive Driving continues to be a course most States rely on to help violators learn from their mistakes.  Defensive Driving class has been around for decades and in the past few years, Online classes have become available.  Many courts throughout the country accept and promote taking this course online now to help combat mult-offender situations. The length of a defensive driving school is different depending on which state you live.  Some states will mandate only a 4 hour program while many states including Georgia require at least 6 hours of driving defensively instruction.   The new online course that is offered by North Metro Online Education is a perfect example of how far these courses have come. Not...

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The Most Common Excuses for Traffic Tickets

police lights
police car

Excuses for Traffic Tickets - We've all been there. You're driving along (Maybe too fast? Or changing lanes without signaling?) when you glance up in the rearview mirror and see the worst: the police. Those blue lights come on, the siren wails, and you're about to be pulled over. Few things give you quite the same lump in your throat! Funny thing is, cops say they hear the same excuses again and again. It's never smart to lie to a police officer about why you committed a traffic offense (but depending on your state, it may be smart to be pretty quiet until traffic court) but if you happen across the right officer when committing a minor enough offense you may be able to get away with a warning. If you're lucky. Here are the most common excuses police officers say they get when making traffic stops. "I was keeping up with...

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Stuff to Always, Always Keep in Your Car

Things To Always Take In Your Car In Atlanta
bottled water

Always Keep in Your Car -    Emergencies happen. You can be the most careful driver in the world but that doesn’t mean you won’t come face-to-face with a situation in which you need help. A little preparation can go a long way in making sure you don’t get stuck on the side of the road with no cell phone service and a busted car. No one wants to deal with that! Here are a few items you should always, always keep in your car so you’ll never be left wishing you’d thought ahead.   A Spare Tire: Duh. You already know this one and fortunately most cars are equipped with spare tire slots in the trunk or even attached to the back gate. Just make sure you replace your spare if you ever use it in an emergency – and don’t drive on your spare for extended periods of time!...

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What You Should Know About Cold Weather Car Care

cold car
cracked windshield

Cold Weather Car Care -    Baby it's cold outside! Whether you live in Minneapolis or down in Atlanta like North Metro Traffic School, it's cold. Really, really cold. Once this stint with the polar vortex passes there's sure to be another not too far behind - is your car ready?  We all worry about our pets, our homes, and our exposed skin when the mercury drops but we should be thinking about the toll this kind of weather takes on our vehicles, particularly if they're parked outside. Here's what you need to know about winter weather car care that could save your vehicle or maybe even save your life.   Preventative Maintenance is Key That doesn't mean you have to rush out to the mechanic but it does mean you should have a few basic functionalities checked as soon as possible. Dead batteries are the most common cold-weather car issue...

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Atlanta's Worst Holiday Traffic Spots

Lenox Holiday
Atlantic Station Holiday
Lake Lanier Lights
mall of ga holiday

Holiday Traffic Spots -  Atlanta is known as the "Crossroads of the South." That's a beautiful sentiment until holiday season. This time of year people from all over the southeast pour into our city to shop, visit, and simply pass through and all that volume means one thing: Traffic. Tis the season for road rage, fender benders, and traffic tickets in Atlanta and there's only one way to avoid it. Stay home! Just kidding - we know you've got Christmas shopping to do. But if you're planning on being out and about for any length of time (especially over the weekend) try and avoid the most heavily-trafficked areas of the city this time of year. Lenox Square Mall There is no pain like the pain of spending an hour trying to go one mile past Lenox. The Buckhead area as a whole is a nightmare this time of year but Lenox...

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How to Avoid an Accident on Thanksgiving Week

How to Avoid an Accident -  Thanksgiving is almost upon us and it's one of the most dangerous times on the road. An estimated 41,000,000 U.S. residents are expected to be driving at least 50 miles on or around Thanksgiving day and all those people mean more potential for deadly accidents. In fact, Thanksgiving Day is the #1 most dangerous day to be on the road all year long...more so than July 4th, New Year's or any given Saturday. Last year over 500 people were killed on the roads on Thanksgiving day - that's a 500% increase over a typical day.  In many cases, driving on or around Thanksgiving can't be avoided. And that's okay! Being a vigilant, defensive driver is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family on the road, Thanksgiving or not. If you've got to travel this coming week be sure to heed...

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Driving on Halloween? How to Stay Safe

don't get a DUI on Halloween
DUIs in Georgia on Halloween

Driving on Halloween? Stay Safe -  Halloween can and should be lots of fun. But did you know that a child is four times more likely to be involved in a fatal pedestrian accident on Halloween than on any other night of the year? With cars driving through unfamiliar neighborhoods and hundreds of distracted children running amok it’s difficult to drive safely this day of the year. And forget the consequences of getting a traffic ticket; if you’re involved in an accident on Halloween you could actually take the life of an innocent child. Whether you’ve got to get home from work, take your family to a party, or ferry your kids to-and-from walkable neighborhoods, driving safely on Halloween means keeping the following things in mind. Avoid ShortcutsMaybe you know a certain shortcut that helps you beat rush hour traffic or perhaps you just don’t want to wait at the light. On Halloween it’s...

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What Causes Most U.S. Car Accidents?

distracted driving dangers in Georgia
don't drink to much or risk getting a DUI in Atlanta

U.S. Car Accidents -  There are over 30,000 fatal car accidents in the United States each year, most of them preventable. What causes so many terrible car crashes? Of course, there are plenty of factors that can't be controlled like weather, car malfunctions, and other drivers. But most of the top reasons for car crashes involve more than a little human error which means careful driving and an accredited driving school education give you more control than you think over your fate on the road. So, what causes most of the car accidents in the U.S. each year? Here's what to watch for.   Distracted Driving Unfortunately (or fortunately?) distracted driving is the #1 cause of traffic accidents in America today. The good news is, these accidents are entirely preventable! The bad news is that distractions are becoming more and more common, from cell phones to fast food. Drivers who use a handheld...

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The 8 Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta

Bolton Road and Marietta Road
Collier Road at Peachtree Road
Peachtree and 14th
Delmoor Court and Delmar Avenue
Howell Mill Road and Chatahoochee Road
North Druid Hills Road and Briarcliff Road
Peachtree Road and Piedmont Road
West Paces Ferry Road and Habersham Road

The 8 Most Dangerous Intersections -  It's no secret Atlanta is a dangerous place to drive. Every Atlanta driver knows the frustration of Spaghetti Junction and the interminable traffic on I-75 when a Braves game's in town. When school's in session all bets are off and if there's a major event like a concert or a Falcons game? Plan on being stuck in traffic for a while. Over 550 people each and every year are killed on Metro Atlanta's roadways and many of those deaths occur at intersections where traffic, poor driving skills, and limited visibility play a role. Intersections aren't just dangerous for drivers, either; they're the setting for a vast majority of biking and pedestrian deaths as well. Some of Atlanta's intersections are more dangerous than others, in large part because of difficult yields, multiple lanes, and the sheer volume of cars that pass through them every day. Here, in...

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10 Reasons to Take Traffic School in Person Instead of Online

in person defensive driving
online defensive driving

Take Traffic School Online -  We get it.  Traffic school isn't usually first thing on anyone's list but whether you're a new teen driver, fulfilling a court order, or just need to learn better habits for the road, attending traffic school in person will likely be more beneficial to you than taking class online.   Why? Here are 10 reasons why taking a defensive driving or DUI course in person beats taking one online anyday... 1. You'll pay more attention to a real teacher than you ever will to the internet. 2. Less eye strain! 3. Some traffic schools have free coffee and class is BYO refreshments. 4. If you have questions about the material you can ask an instructor, not Google. 5. Your cat won't fall asleep on your lap. 6. Online classes can actually take longer than class in person. 7. If you have trouble staying on task you might...

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The Quick Facts About Older Drivers

older drivers in Georgia

Facts About Older Drivers - Are older drivers safe? Each and every year the cries get louder to begin reinstating licensing tests for older drivers. Is it fair? Maybe not, but is it a good idea? Probably so.  Let's take a quick look at the stats surrounding elderly drivers and what they mean for you. There are over 33,000,000 licensed drivers over the age of 65 in the U.S.Each year about 190,000 "older" adults are injured or killed in motor vehicle crashes. That's about 500 a day. Per miles traveled, fatal crashes involving older drivers goes up starting at age 75 and sharply increases at 80+.Good news is, the rate of elderly driving fatalities has been decreasing steadily since the 1960s.Older drivers are most likely to crash when merging, angle crashes, and particularly at intersections.   So, do older drivers need to be screened year after year once they hit a certain...

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Teen Driving Laws in GA You Need to Know

teens going to dui class
atlanta driver needing defensive driving

Teen Driving Laws You Need to Know-   Maybe you’re a teen who (finally!) has your license, or maybe you’re the parent of a teen who’s just started driving. In Georgia, as in many states, special laws and regulations apply to teen drivers as they become more comfortable behind the wheel and it’s important you know them all before you or your teenager hit the road. Ignorance is never an excuse for disobeying traffic laws and in breaking these rules can get you a ticket or worse, get your license suspended. If you’re a Georgia teen and you’re new to driving, be sure to pay attention to these specific traffic restrictions. Joshua’s Law: Joshua’s Law went into effect in 2007 and effectively tightened the requirements for receiving a Class D driver’s license in Georgia. A Class D license is a provisional license (more on that in a minute.) In order for...

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