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If you have received a speeding ticket or other moving violation, you may be aware of your options and Defensive Driving continues to be a course most States rely on to help violators learn from their mistakes.  Defensive Driving class has been around for decades and in the past few years, Online classes have become available.  Many courts throughout the country accept and promote taking this course online now to help combat mult-offender situations.

The length of a defensive driving school is different depending on which state you live.  Some states will mandate only a 4 hour program while many states including Georgia require at least 6 hours of driving defensively instruction.  

The new online course that is offered by North Metro Online Education is a perfect example of how far these courses have come. Not too long ago the only options for taking a class online was through an outdated program that very few people could get anything out of.  Now the programs are advanced, entertaining but also very informative.  

If you receive a speeding ticket or other citation, ask the court if you can complete an online course to help reduce the penatly of your ticket.  You will learn a lot but also save a lot of time and money by taking it online.  



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