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What to Do After a DUI

what to do after a DUI

After a DUI arrest, you may feel completely alone and frightened. It's imperative to understand that while this is a very serious charge, your life isn't over. It's also important to know you're not alone. Around 1,500,000 people deal with drunk driving arrests each year. The best thing you can do is take the proper steps to get through this difficult time. It may not feel like it, but you have options. The period directly after your arrest is the most critical, so it's important to educate yourself on what your responsibilities are. To help you out, let's go over what to do after a DUI charge. Come to Terms with the Charge Getting a DUI may leave you feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and angry at yourself. These are natural responses to an arrest, but it's important that you come to terms with your actions so you can regain a sense of...

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A Guide to Online Alcohol Assessment and Awareness Courses

online classes for alcohol-related issues

Despite the nationwide marketing efforts against driving under the influence (DUI), alcohol abuse remains a common issue. In fact, experts estimate that roughly 17 percent of Americans have a DUI conviction. This number is unsettling given the widespread availability of Uber and other car ride services. One solution to the DUI epidemic is alcohol awareness classes for all drivers. If you're convicted of a DUI, each state has alcohol assessment requirements that you need to complete per your court order. Read on to learn about remote counseling options and how to take an online course for an alcohol arrest. What Are the Benefits? There are numerous reasons for participating in an online alcohol assessment or awareness class, the obvious one is to learn about the dangers of alcohol abuse. Additionally, assessing your risk for alcoholism is a vital, and life-saving, benefit. There is a wide spectrum of alcohol use disorder, with...

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Have You Been Ordered to Get a Drug and Alcohol Assessment?

completing your assessment

Most people have only taken a drug test when applying for a job. This test is a simple examination of blood or urine levels, which potential employers often pay for as part of the hiring process. A drug and alcohol assessment, however, is a bit more in-depth. Such examinations are typically the result of a court order, such as after a DUI or for child custody cases. Have you recently been told to undergo an assessment? This process can be confusing to take on alone, but help is available. Here's everything you need to know about the process. Prepare to Talk About Yourself Drug and alcohol assessments are more of a deep talk than a medical routine. It involves sitting down with a professional evaluator to discuss your drug and alcohol use. This conversation will include details about any drug use, such as your drug of choice, your frequency of use,...

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Are There Online Possession of Marijuana Arrest Classes?


New State Drug Arrest Classes Online With more and more states in the US changing their marijuana possession laws, many people are struggling to understand what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to marijuana and marijuana possession.  Across the US many states are cracking down on pot possession and there are still thousands of arrests every year for possessing or smoking marijuana.  If you have received a ticket or been arrested for this, there are things you can do that could help your case.  Online drug arrest classes are available.  These programs will through the dangers and consequences of smoking marijuana and to determine what you need to do if you have a problem.  Classes range from 8 hours to more than 20 hours depending on the individual state and what requirements are needed to be met.  Taking an online class prior to a court date can help...

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Online Drug And Alcohol Classes In Nevada

Nevade Online DUI & Drug Class

Online Classes For DUI and Drug Arrests Many people have been arrested while visiting Nevada and online classes for these arrests are now available.  Whether it was a DUI or drug possession case, an online class can help.  We recommend all students be as proactive as possible.  Completing one of the 8 hour or 10 hour classes could help your case in Nevada. An online DUI class in Nevada is accepted by the courts but always be sure to call or speak with an attorney to ensure this will be the only program you will need to complete.  Enrollment is easy and all of our classes are the most professional classes available online.   During the DUI class you will learn about the the dangers of drinking and driving and how to be sure to make the appropriate changes regarding either drug use or alcohol use.  Our online drug and alcohol...

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Online Drug & Alcohol Arrest Classes In Georgia


Have You Received An Open Container or Drug Possession Charge Every year thousands of Georgia citizens receive underage possession of alcohol or marijuana charges in our state alone.  Most of these offenses are misdemeanors and will require the offenders to complete a variety of punishments, fines, programs and other conditions based on the individual case.  In most cases in Georgia, all students will be required to complete the 20 Hour Risk Reduction program if you have received an Alcohol related charge.  However, if you have received a drug paraphernalia or possession charge, you may be required to complete much more and that is where North Metro Online Education can help.  We have partnered with the top provider of Drug arrest classes in the country.  We now offer all of our programs online and each online course will vary from just 2 hours to 30 hours to complete.  Each class is tailored to...

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Arrested For Possession In Texas

Texas Online Drug Arrest Class

State of Texas Possession of Marijuana Class  Have you been arrested or received a ticket for a misdemeanor drug possession case.  If so, you may want to consider an online program to help your case.  If you take an online class it could help your chances with a Texas court.  Or if you have just received a ticket and want to try and minimize your punishment, you may want to take one of North Metro Traffic School's courses.  Started in 2008, North Metro Traffic School has been teaching students and helping them through their court and legal issues.  The online classes we offer in Texas are the most comprehensive and most in-depth courses of any online school.  Enrollment is easy and the cost is less than what an in-person drug arrest program would charge.  Whether it is 8 hours or 20 hours, all of the courses are comprehensive and you will...

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Florida Possession of Marijuana Class Online

online florida drug arrest class

Arrests For Possession Or Other Drug Related Crime - Take Online Classes To Help In Florida there are thousands of arrests every single year for drug possession or other misdemeanor drug charge.  If you or someone you know has been arrested for a drug charge, taking an Online Drug Arrest Class can help you and could help your chances in court.  Every attorney or legal counsel would advice that being proactive can really help your case.  It shows a judge, employer, school or even a family member that you are serious and want to do something to help stop the actions so this type of thing does not happen again.  North Metro Online Education drug arrest class can help. We have partnered with the largest online provider of drug classes in the entire country.  More students are going through these classes than anywhere else.   Our website and school was started...

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Drug Arrest Programs Online In Georgia

Take Online Classes For Possession Drug Cases And More  Thousands of people are arrested each year in Georgia for possession of marijuana and other misdemeanor drug offenses.  Our online drug class helps those people by providing a legitimate online program specifically designed for first and second time offenders.  In Georgia in person 20 hour risk reduction classes are still offered but if you have not been to court yet or need to take a class for a different reason, being proactive and taking our Online Drug Arrest class can help your case.   Being proactive and doing things before court will show courts, attorneys, judges, teachers and employers you are serious about your situation and wanting to make a change.  These 8, 10, & 20 hour online classes are in-depth, informative and very impactful.  North Metro Traffic School is one of only a handful of programs offering this national program online...

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Classes For Drug Arrests Become More Popular

New Program Offering 8 to 30 Hour Drug Class Online Many states in the US are now accepting online programs for many misdameanor drug offenses instead of costly publicly funded programs. The trend of online courses for arrests and other drug related offenses continues to catch on.  In person classes are still offered in many states but the option for the less costly online drug classes are now being accepted by more courts around the country.   Online classes for drug arrests have become very informative and effective over the years.  With years of curriculum changes and experience are helping schools like ours use the very best teaching guides available.  Since 2008 North Metro Online Education has been in the drug and alcohol education business.  Serving thousands of drug arrest students every year in person, North Metro is now happy to offer the same great classes online.   We have partnered...

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What is Group Counseling Really Like?

ASAM in Georgia
ASAM Treatment Group Atlanta

What is Counseling Like? Group counseling is a foreign concept to some people.There's nothing to be afraid of! Group therapy can be incredibly helpful when it comes to issues like alcohol and drug dependence and many people find it less intimidating than one-on-one consultations. You could spend years breaking down the elements of successful group therapy sessions but in general, they all have the same goals: Members help each other by imparting valuable experiences and information, which also boosts self-esteem for the sharer In a group, unity is an important concept. A cohesive group helps each member towards a common goal (like sobriety)Group allows members at different points of treatment to interact with each other, thereby providing hope   Most questions new members have revolve around what group counseling is actually like. It's important to remember that every single group is unique and will be different depending on whether you're undergoing ASAM Level 1 counseling...

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