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Have You Received An Open Container or Drug Possession Charge

Every year thousands of Georgia citizens receive underage possession of alcohol or marijuana charges in our state alone.  Most of these offenses are misdemeanors and will require the offenders to complete a variety of punishments, fines, programs and other conditions based on the individual case.  In most cases in Georgia, all students will be required to complete the 20 Hour Risk Reduction program if you have received an Alcohol related charge.  

However, if you have received a drug paraphernalia or possession charge, you may be required to complete much more and that is where North Metro Online Education can help.  We have partnered with the top provider of Drug arrest classes in the country.  We now offer all of our programs online and each online course will vary from just 2 hours to 30 hours to complete.  Each class is tailored to the individual state and offense.  

If you are one of the thousands awaiting on a court date in Georgia, taking either an Online Alcohol course or an Online Drug Arrest class can be helpful in court.  Most attorney's that handle cases like this would recommend being as proactive as possible because courts and judges do look at what actions an offender has taken before they arrive at their hearing.  

Some of our courses will only take a few hours to complete and upon completion you will receive and be mailed an official certificate of completion that you can take with you to show that you are taking the incident seriously and trying to learn from the mistake.  

Enrolling is easy and when you leave our website, you will be directed to our registration page to get started.  The price of our online classes in Georgia varies from just a hundred dollars to $300.  This is less than the in person course and you can complete all of our online Georgia alcohol and drug classes from the comfort of your own home.  

Whether you received a ticket in Athens or Dawsonville or Smyrna, all offenses will require a course be completed before you can complete your probationary period.  Many counties in Georgia will require an in person program but many may not.  Either way, being proactive and completing one of our Online programs cannot hurt.  It will teach you more about the dangers of drinking alcohol or doing drugs and these few hours can help you turn your life around.  All of the courses you take with us are informative and up to date and you will not regret the short time spent and it may even help in court. 

To get started in one of our Online Drug Arrest Courses, click here.  

To get started in one of our Online Alcohol DUI Arrest classes, click here.   





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