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Have you received a DUI or other alcohol related charge in Georgia and are worried about going to court? One class that is required in Georgia is the 20 hour Risk Reduction Class.  This program has been around for years and is still a requirement in the state for all offenders of DUI and many other offenses.  However, because you have not been to court yet, many students decide to take the online version of this program first to help show the court or others involved that you are taking this case seriously.  Being proactive can help your case.

Another benefit of taking this class is because of what you will learn.  Online DUI School has come a long way.  This state of the art program uses multi media, videos and much more to make the class interesting and impactful at the same time.  

There are more than 99 different reasons students are required to complete a DUI School Class in Georgia.  Georgia has some of the strictest alcohol arrest laws in the country.  Whether you have received a ticket for open container, Minor in possession of alcohol, driving under the influence, boating under the influence or disorderly conduct, Georgia has cracked down.  Taking this course can help.  Many jobs, schools and courts will look to see if you have completed a treatment program before court.  This shows the judge or adminstrator that you are trying to make things better and realize that you have made a very poor decision and big mistake.  Our course was designed exactly for this reason.  Taking a course before court is what we can help with.  From the comfort of your own home, you can learn and complete a major condition associated with your DUI or similar offense. 


North Metro Online Education began offering the 20 hour risk reduction class in 2008.  We have helped thousands of students meet their requirments and go to court prepared.  Our new online DUI School is in partnership with one of the largest DUI School companies in the country and our online class is better than all the others.  You will receive an official certificate of completion at the end of class and this can be used in court or another agency and the success of our class is guarenteed.  We are one of the only providers offering a money back guarentee on all of our courses.  Enroll today for our Georgia Online DUI School here to get started.  It's easy, informative and will help you make better decisions moving forward.   

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