NM Online Education (formerly North Metro Traffic School) is dedicated to maintaining your privacy.  Because all of our classes are run by other companies, we do not collect or keep any student or user information for our records.  Any personal information will be submitted directly to Drug and Alcohol or iDriveSafely or another one of our trusted affliates.  We are an affliate marketer working with different companies that offer all of the same courses our school offered in person for many years.

We market online driving school courses, online drug and alcohol classes, online defensive driving and drug and alcohol treatment centers  through the most trusted sites in the industry.  We do not collect any information from anyone that clicks through our website.  Any information, if we were ever to speak to you directly, is completely confidential based on the laws of United States. 

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact the company that provided you the course that linked from our site.  Thank you.  


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