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Florida is one of the largest states in the country and because of this, Florida still has some of the highest figures on alcohol and drug arrests in the nation. With several major universites in the state, the number of young people in Florida continues to grow.  With so many arrests and incidences, the number of cases flooding Florida court rooms continues to grow. One major condition given to many offenders is the completion of an Alcohol and Drug Clinical Evaluation.  This is a meeting with a licensed counselor to determine if there is a drug or alcohol problem that the court or attornies should know about.  

Many states have used clinical assessments like this for many years.  In addition to DUI evaluations or marijuana possession evaluations, many divorces and child custody attorneys and judges will now recommend the completion of a Drug and Alcohol evaluation to be submitted along with other conditions to the court.  North Metro Online Education has offered Clinical Evaluations since 2008.   We have helped thousands of clients complete and meet their requirements through one of our licensed state counselors.  Now we are happy to offer this service online for the first time in Florida. 

We have partnered with one of the largest and most respected online provider of clinicial evaluations.  With this new technology you will be able to complete your drug and alcohol assessment all from the comfort of your own home.  Through the use of phone and email and video conferencing, online evluations are becoming more and more popular.  Whether it is for a first time DUI and other misdameanor arrest, completing this evaluation is a great resource in many divorce and child custody cases.

Upon completion, you will receive all the documentation you need through the mail.  This paper work you will then take with you to court and show the judge and others that you are taking this case seriously.  Because of the number of cases in Florida courtrooms, it is always recommened by the top lawyers that it is always better to be proactive before your case begins.  That is where North Metro can help.  Our evaluations are great for prelimary work before any trial begins.  In addition, all of the licensed counselors you speak to are there to help.  If you have a drug or alcohol problem, these are the people you can reach out to and they will be there to guide you through and hopefully lead you to recovery. 

Our mission has been to serve the community and help students complete their programs and learn from their mistakes.  The goal of our online Clinical evaluations in Florida is to teach and confront the problems that have lead our students to needing one of our online drug or alcohol courses in the first place.  The counselors are fair and well trained.  The enrollment is easy and this assessment can be completed from the comfort of your own home.  Click here to find out more and be directed to our registration page.   


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