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DUI Class Online Now Available Nationwide 

Arrested for DUI in your State?  If so, there are new proactive programs available for the first time.  New Online DUI Classes are being offered by North Metro Online Education for all 50 states.  Whether it's a first time offense or a multi offender situation, taking an online dui course can help your chances in court and also teach you critical information needed to make the necessary changes in your life for having this happen again.  

The point of Online courses is to teach and inform the students but also to make it more assessible to students that may not have access to a vehicle.  As you know, one of the main conditions once you receive a DUI or other Alcohol related charge is the inablity to drive and having your license suspended or taken away until the first court date.  

This is where North Metro Online Education comes in.  Formed in Atlanta, GA in 2008, our school has now taken all of its program online and servicing all 50 states.  We realized years ago that many of the same programs we were offering could be given online and reach a larger audience.   Because the restrictions of not being able to drive, many offenders were simply not taking any class because the penatlies of receiving a ticket while driving with a suspended license were very harsh.  

Our new Online DUI Classes are offered in a variety of formats.  First time offenders take the 8 hour or 12 hour program depending on the state.  We also offer classes online that take 20 to 25 hours to complete.  Many of these are required as most states now require a 20 hour DUI School as one of the conditions.  It's our recommendation to always check with your lawyer, judge or even school before starting one of our classes.  Being proactive can help your case and that is what we promote.  Being proactive and taking responsiblity is always a good way to approach your case.  

Take our class from your home and then within a day or two your will receive a Certificate of Completion in the mail.  This certificate can then be taken to court to show the judge that you are taking this seriously and also it shows that you want to stop the action that got you there in the first place.  The classes do help.  The classes are informative and everything you learn can be taken away to help you make necessary changes as you see fit. 

Most all the states in the US now will require some form of Alcohol/DUI class as part of the conditions for being arrested for a DUI.  By taking our class, you will satisfiy many states requirements before the case even goes to court and you will not have to attend another one until your probation ends.  Every state is different so always check but taking an Online DUI Class can really help.  

Click here to be directed to our directory of states offering this class.   



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