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Since 2008, North Metro Traffic School has been assisting residents in Florida with their traffic tickets and arrests.  Offering a wide variety of traffic school programs online, our online driving school has been a leader in the defensive driving, DUI School and driver’s education programs. 

For nearly7 years all of our courses were given in person but as of 2015, we have partnered with some of the country’s top online driving course providers.  When you enroll through our website, you will be directed to our registration pages located on one of these partners websites.  This is a secure and fast way to get started. 

All of the courses are approved but most of our students take the class before they go to court anyway.  Being proactive is what online driving schools are best at.  More than likely if you have received a DUI, speeding ticket, MIP, BUI or possession of marijuana, one of the conditions in Florida will be to complete an alcohol awareness program, defensive driving class or a drug prevention course. 

There are more than 99 different reasons you would need one of our courses.  Now, many divorces and child custody cases will involve the completion of a drug and alcohol assessment.  This is something done with a licensed counselor.  North Metro Online Education now has licensed counselors that can complete this evaluation over the phone.  The process is completed using online questionnaires and also a one hour phone interview.

Upon completion of all of our online driving school classes in Florida, every student that completes one of our programs will receive an official certificate of completion.  This certificate is what  you will take to court or submit electronically to the person needing verification of completion.  If you have waited until the last minute, no problem.  All of our partners now have the option of over-night shipping. 

Being proactive is really important in any court or legal matter.  Showing you are taking the situation seriously can help your situation.  In addition, taking any one of our programs is very educational.  Whether it is online DUI School or online Defensive Driving, you will learn something that can help you make the necessary changes needed to improve your life or learn something about driving that you never knew.

Also, if you are just learning to drive, we have those classes too.  Online Driver’s Ed is becoming very popular in the US and especially in Florida. 

Many teenagers that want to receive their license before they turn 17 will be required to complete the driver’s training and our online driver training is one of the best in the nation.  These courses are informative, entertaining and very educational. 

So whether you are a resident in Florida and have received a speeding ticket or Boating Under the Influence, we will have a class for you.  Enrolling is easy and you can begin right away from the comfort of your own home.   

Click here to find out more about all of our Florida Online Driving Schools and to be directed to the class page you need. 



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