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Online DUI School Now Available In Nevada

North Metro Online Education Offers Nevada DUI School Online 

Since our inception in 2008, North Metro Online Education has strived to be the leader in teaching DUI School courses and helping students meet their requirements and make changes to their lives that will help them make better decisions when it comes to drinking alcohol. 

Online DUI School in Nevada has grown over the years and now these new programs are helping even more students complete the necessary requirements for court, schools and with their jobs. 

Whether you have been to court or waiting on an appearance, being proactive can really help show the court you are taking your mistake seriously and want to make an improvement.  You will learn about the dangers of drinking and driving and how to stop from making the same mistake twice.

Nevada Online DUI School can help no matter which city or county you received a ticket in.  Because Nevada has some of the highest amounts of tourists every year, not everyone that has been arrested or received a DUI has the ability to attend an in person DUI class.  That is where online alcohol arrest classes can help the most. 

The online DUI School is just like an in-person class.  You will have sections broken down by category and tests and quizzes are given throughout.  You will learn a lot more than you expect and the lessons we cover will be things you can use for many years to come.  Many people make mistakes and our mission since 2008 is to stop these incidents from happening again. 

If you received a DUI or MIP in Las Vegas, chances are you are not from Las Vegas and a remote class is very helpful when completing the conditions of your arrest.  Class lengths vary depending on the type of ticket and we offer a wide variety.  8 hours, 20 hours or even 25 hour DUI class online is now being offered.  Other big Nevada cities will accept online dui programs as well. 

Reno, Nevada is also another high tourism city where a lot of DUI and alcohol arrests take place as well.  If you have received a ticket in Reno or Las Vegas or a city in between, ask your attorney or call the court and see if an online dui course is something you can take.   

Click here to see the Nevada Online DUI Classes that meet your needs. 

Enrollment is easy and our classes are the best in the entire industry.  State-of-the-art computer programs make our course informative and will keep your attention.  The price for DUI classes vary but when it comes to going to court, you will want to be sure you take a reputable course that provides a professional certificate and all of the programs on our site do just that. 

Now in our second year of offering these classes we have helped many students in Nevada and we may be able to help you as well. 




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