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Have you been worried about an upcoming court appearance for a DUI or other alcohol related charge in California?  If so, you may want to consider taking a new Online DUI Class before you go.  These programs have become more and more advanced and the new courses are very informative and can change your life. 

However, not all courses are the same.  Many Online DUI Classes in California are not as in depth in what is covered and many courts to not accept certificates of completion from a lot of these different companies.  

What you should look for is a class that meets your requirements as far as how many hours you will need to complete before you enroll.  Whether it is a 8 hour online class or 20 hour class, you should find out the requirements in California before you get started.  Typically enrollment is easy and if you have a court appearance in a day or two, that’s not a problem because some programs allow overnight delivery of your completion certificate.  

Working with a professional and experienced company is critical.  Because of the increase in online DUI Programs in the US, there have been many smaller companies offering classes for much less than others.  Keep in mind, you are hoping that this class will not only help teach you some very important information about the dangers of drinking and driving but also that the court will accept your course as meeting the necessary requirement.  Having a DUI in California can be very expensive and damaging.  Doing everything you can to help prevent the maximum penalty is where a California Online DUI Class can help. Here is a link to more information on how to enroll

Whether you received a ticket in Los Angeles, San Diego or San Francisco, being proactive is always recommended.  Once you complete the course, you will be sent via email and mailed an official Certificate of Completion.   From there you will need to take this document with you to court or turn in to your probation officer or attorney.   Because of this, you will want all of your documents professionally done and official.  Many online courses offer certificates but they are not official and once turned in, many are declined simply on their unprofessional appearance.  

Spending 14 or 20 hours at home taking a class can help in many different ways.  You will be taught the dangers of drinking and driving and what you need to do to make the necessary changes in your life to stop something like this from happening again.  The courses will also cover how your drinking has affected those around you and the financial and physical toll drinking can take on your life.   For most, getting a DUI is a one-time occurrence and they will learn from their mistake and they take the consequences very seriously.  If this is you, then taking an Online California DUI Class is a good idea.  This can help minimize the impact that this situation will have on your life by taking proactive and positive steps forward.  


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