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Arrested For Possession In Texas

State of Texas Possession of Marijuana Class 

Have you been arrested or received a ticket for a misdemeanor drug possession case.  If so, you may want to consider an online program to help your case.  If you take an online class it could help your chances with a Texas court.  Or if you have just received a ticket and want to try and minimize your punishment, you may want to take one of North Metro Traffic School's courses. 

Started in 2008, North Metro Traffic School has been teaching students and helping them through their court and legal issues.  The online classes we offer in Texas are the most comprehensive and most in-depth courses of any online school.  Enrollment is easy and the cost is less than what an in-person drug arrest program would charge.  Whether it is 8 hours or 20 hours, all of the courses are comprehensive and you will learn about the dangers of drugs and what can happen with a drug possession case on your record.  

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Texas Online Drug Arrest Class

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