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Over The Phone Counselors Available In Texas

Many people will need to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation or assessment in their life.  Whether it is for a drug or alcohol arrest, school, job or even a divorce, these sessions consist of a one-on-one meeting with a counselor.  Now, North Metro Traffic School is offering a program where students can complete an assessment over the phone and internet.  

We use licensed counselors that are professional and available to help.  Documents can be filled in online and a video call can be set up.  Once the evaluation is completed, the counselor will prepare and send you all the necessary documents you need.  This can help in many different situations and as any attorney or advisor will tell you, it's better to be proactive than not at all.  

The fees for the over the phone evaluation in Texas vary depending on the situation and what it is being completed for.  Either way, it's less than most in person counselors and you will not even need to leave your house.  Click here for more information or to enroll.  It's easy and you can be on your way in no time. 

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