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10 Reasons to Take Traffic School in Person Instead of Online

Take Traffic School Online - 

We get it. 

Traffic school isn't usually first thing on anyone's list but whether you're a new teen driver, fulfilling a court order, or just need to learn better habits for the road, attending traffic school in person will likely be more beneficial to you than taking class online.

 in person defensive driving

Why? Here are 10 reasons why taking a defensive driving or DUI course in person beats taking one online anyday...

online defensive driving1. You'll pay more attention to a real teacher than you ever will to the internet.

2. Less eye strain!

3. Some traffic schools have free coffee and class is BYO refreshments.

4. If you have questions about the material you can ask an instructor, not Google.

5. Your cat won't fall asleep on your lap.

6. Online classes can actually take longer than class in person.

7. If you have trouble staying on task you might miss important info and fail online quizzes.

8. Your state may require you to take class in person.

9. You never know who you're going to meet in your defensive driving class.

10. A good facility won't just teach you, they'll help you through your certification process and more.


Obviously it's up to you whether you complete traffic school in person or through an online course. But if you're going to spend the money and your time, shouldn't you get the most out of the experience? Choosing the right driving school is the first step in making the process as simple and painless as possible.


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