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4 Tips To Help You Get Rid of a Traffic Ticket


It's never pleasant to get a speeding ticket, or any kind of traffic citation, but it's something that happens to most drivers. One in ten drivers in the United States is stopped for speeding every year, and about 70% of those receive citations. It's a terrible smudge on your driving record and this is one of the reasons many find it so annoying and frustrating. On top of that, a traffic violation ticket can be quite costly when it leads to increased rates or hidden fees from your car insurance company. Not to mention the cost of the ticket itself, which may be a hefty sum. Furthermore, if you obtain too many citations, your driving license may be revoked. To summarize, there's simply nothing pleasant about a traffic citation.


It is feasible, though not always easy, to mitigate the impact or completely get rid of a traffic ticket if you do a little research and act accordingly. However, if you don't know how to proceed, it might be difficult to actually accomplish. Here are some tips on how to avoid or get rid of a traffic ticket:

Remain and Act Calm


Instead of trying to bribe, manipulate, or seduce the police officer, you should simply try smiling and acting calmly. Seduction is rarely successful in most situations, contrary to popular belief. And despite the misconceptions that women can cry or sweet-talk their way out of a ticket, studies have found that men are in fact more likely to get away with avoiding a traffic ticket. When asked whether they had been let off with a warning when pulled over, over 50% of males vs. 36% of females said yes.

As the police officer approaches your vehicle, it is also important that you wave at him or her and appear to be as non-threatening as possible. During the entire encounter, keep both hands on the wheel as this demonstrates that you are are ready to cooperate and are concerned for the officer's safety. Police officers put their lives on the line every day and are naturally wary in any encounter. If possible, attempt to strike up a conversation with the officer and inquire about his or her day. Such actions will humanize you in the eyes of the police officer, making it more difficult for him or her to issue you a traffic ticket.

Use the Right Words


You may also try to offer a reason for your speeding, unsafe lane changes, distracted driving, or other traffic violation. When one explanation fails, requesting a warning rather than being completely let off is another option at your disposal. Of the 36% of drivers questioned who said they requested a warning, more than half were given one without being fined. On the other hand, 29% of those that requested one were denied. You just might be among the lucky ones.

No matter what you say or do, do not admit guilt. Remember, you must not confess to speeding or whatever the alleged offense is. The officer usually begins with a question about why you were stopped. If you reply with "Yes, I was speeding," your reply might be considered an admission of guilt—making it more difficult for you to contest the ticket later in court (if you have to). However, be sure to still sign the citation!

It is never an admission of guilt to sign a traffic ticket. It simply indicates that you have received the ticket and will either pay it or go to court. Refusing to sign the ticket is a crime in most states, and you may be detained or fined as a result.

Take a Defensive Driving Course


If all of the previous strategies have failed, the next best thing is to enroll in a defensive driving course, which might be a way to clear the traffic citation from your driving record. If you received a traffic ticket, you'll notice that there is a date listed on it somewhere. That's the deadline by which you must contact the court to notify them that you have the ticket and discuss what your options are.

If the court allows it, taking an approved class teaching defensive driving techniques will get rid of the ticket. This is usually a formality, but you must obtain the court's permission to get ticket dismissal before enrolling in a defensive driving course. The officer who pulls you over may advise you to take a driving safety course defensive driving class, but that isn't enough; you'll need a court approval before you get started.

Choose NM Online Education for Your Online Defensive Driving Course


Depending on your state, defensive driving classes in the United States might result in a point reduction on your license. You might even be able to get a ticket dismissed or reduced if you finish the defensive driver course before going to the traffic court! Also, if you already have a good driving history, your auto insurance provider may be ready to provide you with an insurance discount if you submit a certificate of completion for defensive driving. NM Online is one platform you can trust to find the best defensive driving course. Although a few states require these courses to be in classroom, most allow an online defensive driving course to suffice.

You will be able to complete the course in your own home, at work, or wherever you'd like as long as you have internet access and a device. So, you can forget about stuffy, airless classrooms. You could finish your defensive driving course from the comfort of your bed! When it's easiest for you, you may use your phone, tablet, or laptop to finish all of the requirements. The multimedia teaching resources are as fun and educational as they are informative.


You can feel confident that the defensive driving courses provided by our partners at NM Online are fully state-approved for content and length. Plus, if you take your class before going to court, it may help you avoid longer, more time-consuming in-person classes.

Do you have reservations about committing financially? If you aren't completely happy with your defensive driving course experience for any reason, the classes on NM Online have a money-back guarantee. This gives you complete control. You can learn more about NM Online from our website and discover the full extent of the programs we have collected for your convenience.

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