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Over The Phone Drug And Alcohol Evaluations

Online Alcohol & Drug Assessments By A Counselor

Many states in the US require a alcohol and drug evaluation or assessment be completed as part of a condition for a specific court case. In addition, many divorces, child custody, school infractions and employers will require completion of a drug and alcohol evaluation by a licensed counselor.  Most states will require the evaluation if you have received a DUI, BUI, DWI, drug possession or underage consumption of alcohol.  An alcohol and drug evaluation is a one-on-one session with a counselor that will ask you questions about your life, why you are being required to take an assessment, what happened during the incident and your history with drinking or doing drugs.  The states require an evaluation to help the clients understand the situation and hopefully get help if they need it. It is also a very good way to ensure clients with very bad drug and alcohol programs do not slip through the cracks and receive the treatment they need. 

Stopping repeat offenders is a huge part of the court system and the use of counselors. 

North Metro Online Education has partnered with one of the only Alcohol and Drug Evaluators able to conduct this process over the phone and online.  Located in California, the counselor you will speak with and fill in paperwork with is a licensed counselor and will provide you with completion paperwork at the conclusion of the session.  Remember it is up to you to ask the court or your attorney if a remote evaluation will be acceptable.  If you have not been to trial and want to show a court you are serious, taking a remote evaluation will show that you are being proactive about your case and situation and this can help your chances of a more favorable outcome in court.  

Enrolling is easy and taking this with one of our counselors can only help your situation and hopefully you will learn a bit more about yourself and get through this situation or get further treatment if needed.  Click here to choose your state.  


Over The Phone Drug And Alcohol Evaluations



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