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What Is A Nevada Drug & Alcohol Evaluation

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Today many people arrested or going to court in Nevada may be required to complete an extensive drug and alcohol evaluation.  Many states this is mandatory including Georgia.  Whether you are going through a Divorce or recently received a DUI in Nevada, an online drug and alcohol evaluation is something you may need to complete. 


An assessment is given by a licensed and trained counselor.  This process consists of a variety of tools and measurements to determine the clients behavior when it comes to alochol and drug use.  Many clients will meet multiple times with a counselor to complete just one session but these evaluations are now available online. 


The clinical evaluation will start off with a long questionaire and surveys. These reports and outcome have been studied for many years and the results of each report can provide vital information about a client.  From there clients will either participate in a video meeting with a counselor or over the phone conversation.  This portion of the Nevada evaluation can last between one and two hours.  The counselor will ask a variety of questions about drug and alcohol history but also about the situation that created the arrest or upcoming case.  


Once this is completed the alcohol and drug counselor will produce results based on a wide variety of factors.  


An online clinical evaluation can be completed via Skype or over the phone with  paperwork and questionaires all completed online.  Even if you have not been ordered to complete an assessment, it is still a good idea to be proactive.   Nevada evaluations are certainly a good idea and can help you argue your case and provide details about certain situations.


Once a Nevada DUI Evaluation is completed, a licensed counselor will complete the results and create a detailed report outline further details about a clients case or situation.  These reports are what is used in Nevada courts and your attorney will want to bring your Online Assessment results with you to court.  You will have the option to have a report mailed, emailed or sent directly to an attorney depending on what you need.  


Many divorce cases in Nevada now require some kind of evaluation to be completed before a case can move forward as well.  In addition, many schools, military organizations and jobs will now ask enrollees, current employees to periodically complete a substance abuse evaluation. 


However, if you have been arrested for a disorderly conduct, DUI or other Alcohol related offense, being proactive is always a good idea. Clinical evaluations can be very helpful for clients to understand their problems with drugs or alcohol and in many cases can help people turn their lives around.  


To find out more about enrolling in an Nevada Drug & Alcohol Evaluation click here.  This page will provide additional information and ways to get started with a counselor to help you.  The cost of the program is also similar and lower in many cases to in-person counseling sessions as well.  


Enrollment is easy and this is the most comprehensive online assessment tool available in Nevada today. 


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