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Can I Take Online DUI Class In Arizona?

Alcohol and Drug Classes Now Online


Have you received a ticket for a DUI or other alcohol or drug related arrest in Arizona?  You’re not alone and many new websites are popping up to help students complete these new courses online.  Programs like ours cover and go over all the same materials found in in-person DUI courses in Arizona but all in the online format.  


Whether you live in Phoenix or Tucson or if you were visiting.  Arizona laws are very strict and thousands of people are convicted of DUIs and Possession of Marijuana cases.  Because of the stiff penalties and the high costs to fight these charges, many students in Arizona decide to be proactive and take an Online DUI Class.  These classes last anywhere from 8 hours to 24 hours.  Every program will consist of videos, quizzes, tutorials and much more.   


New DUI courses online are all created using the very latest information and training materials so these online classes are typically much more up to date than in-person classes given in and around Arizona.  On top of being able to complete the necessary requirements from your home, you will also save money because Arizona online alcohol class is much less than the in-person classes typically. 

The online alcohol and drug classes were designed by professionals in an effort to prevent people from getting in trouble again.  The goal is to stop repeat offenses and help people get the help they need for either drug or alcohol issues. Many people do not realize the damage that drugs and alcohol is having on their lives until it is too late.  Taking this course can help a person see the problems a DUI or other alcohol offense has caused.  

Online DUI school will teach you the dangers of alcohol and especially the dangers of drinking and driving.  The class will also cover the dangers of boating under the influence as well. 


If you were visiting Arizona and received a ticket, you need to be proactive.  Taking an Arizona DUI course can help your chances of successfully resolving your case.  Once you complete one of our online classes you will receive an official certificate of completion that should be given to a judge or attorney before your next court date.  Not all courts accept online courses so it’s always a good idea to check with your attorney before completing a class. 


Do you live in the Tucson, Arizona area and have recently been given a ticket for an MIP or Disorderly conduct.  This online alcohol class can help with that as well.  Many college students live in Arizona so taking an online alcohol class is one of the fastest and best ways to resolve your ticket.  Many judges and attorneys and even jobs will want to see you are taking the case seriously and by showing them an certificate of completion, this can help.  


If you need to find out more information about signing up for an Online DUI Class in Arizona, click here. This will take you to our secure log in page where you can get started in just a few minutes.  


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