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Can I Take An Online Drug And Alcohol Evaluation 

Online Alcohol Assessments For Arrests Available Nationwide

If you have been ordered to complete a drug or alcohol evaluation, you are not alone. Many states are now requiring most offenders to complete an evaluation with a licensed counselor. Online Drug and Alcohol evaluations can take place using your computer, phone and answering questions online.

Because many people do not have access to a vehicle or live in an area where many drug and alcohol counselors are available. Completing a distant court evaluation is fairly straight forward. You will be asked questions regarding your life, current situation and how ofter you are using drugs or alcohol.

The purpose of a drug and alcohol evaluation is to be sure a counselor has understood the issues with the client and will provide the court, school, job or what ever party is requiring the drug and alcohol assessment. Over the phone evaluations are very popular and counselors are adapting and learning to complete these in a professional and affective manner. Many of the top counselors in the US are utilizing Skype to complete the online evaluations and to have face to face interactions with the clients. Questionaries are filled out and returned to the counselor in charge and from there next steps are planned.

The outcomes of your counseling sessions can vary greatly. Many people that are required by a court or employer may have only had one or two instances and this is taken into consideration. Reports are completed and further action is sometimes required. If someone has been in trouble in the past, many times additional counseling sessions will be required. Always be sure to find a licensed counselor completing your evaluation.

Signing up is easy and more information regarding clinical evaluations online can be found here. Most DUIs, drug arrests and divorces are now requiring these alcohol and drug assessments. Check with your attorney or whoever is requiring the treatment to verify that an online drug evaluation or online alcohol evaluation will be accepted.


Online DUI and Drug Evaluations

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