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Over the Phone Alcohol and Drug Evaluations In Georgia

Online Alcohol and Drug Evaluations

Several years ago in Georgia lawmakers changed the law that would require offenders of most all drug and alcohol related arrest to now complete a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation from a licensed counselor.  This remains the same in 2016 but many more people are completing these evaluations pre-trial and there are many new reasons people are completing these as well.   

North Metro Online Education wants people to be proactive and if you have not been to court or if you are taking an evaluation for a divorce, job or school, you should consider completing an Over-the-phone evaluation.  The counselors we send our students too are licensed professionals and will complete an in-depth clinical evaluation over the phone and create a professional report to be used with your case or to be submitted to someone else.  

The convenience of completing a drug and alcohol evaluation over the phone and through online questions is very convenient but also very effective as well.  More and more clients are being proactive and completing an assessment with one of our counselors we recommend.  This could help your case or situation and in addition, talking with a counselor online and over the phone will help you understand and hopefully address the problems you are having with drugs or alcohol.  


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