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New Over The Phone Clinical Evaluations

Certified Counselors Available For Consultations Over The Phone 

National Provider of Drug and Alcohol Evaluations 

If you have been arrested or need to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation for a job or school or upcoming court case, our new counselors can help and all of this can be done over the phone.  

North Metro Online Education has partnered with certified counselors that can perform drug and alcohol assessments remotely.  You will need to consult with your attorney or court before you begin but these sessions are very helpful and can often times be used in a court case.  

Many states are now requiring Alcohol and Drug evaluations for all types of cases so you may be needing one to satisify a court requirement. Other reasons include high school or college requirements and many jobs will require a meeting with a counselor to complete an assessment.  We can help.  Before you begin, you will be sent a packet of information that will be filled in and required before you can start.  

Once this has been completed, appointments are made over the phone and can be completed remotely.  If this is something you are interested in completing you can start today.    

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