New Year's Eve is a Deadly Time to be on the Road

New Years
Deadly Time to be on the Road -    So, what can you do about it? Following a few common sensical safety tips can keep you out of jail and out of the hospital - New Year's Eve is truly one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. In fact, New Year's Day is the second-deadliest day on the road (after July 4th) averaging 140 people killed in the U.S. each year. And yes, New Year's Day is technically more dangerous than NYE because it's  after  midnight you should be doubly concerned. Here's what to keep in mind to stay safe on the roads this New Year's so you can start off 2015 on a healthy, happy foot...   Seriously. Do NOT drink and drive. Not only is drinking and driving always a terrible idea (alcohol is involved in about 40% of fatal accidents), New Year's is...
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Atlanta's Worst Holiday Traffic Spots

Lenox Holiday
Atlantic Station Holiday
Lake Lanier Lights
mall of ga holiday
Holiday Traffic Spots -  Atlanta is known as the "Crossroads of the South." That's a beautiful sentiment until holiday season. This time of year people from all over the southeast pour into our city to shop, visit, and simply pass through and all that volume means one thing: Traffic. Tis the season for road rage, fender benders, and traffic tickets in Atlanta and there's only one way to avoid it. Stay home! Just kidding - we know you've got Christmas shopping to do. But if you're planning on being out and about for any length of time (especially over the weekend) try and avoid the most heavily-trafficked areas of the city this time of year. Lenox Square Mall There is no pain like the pain of spending an hour trying to go one mile past Lenox. The Buckhead area as a whole is a nightmare this time of year but...
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How to Avoid an Accident on Thanksgiving Week

How to Avoid an Accident -  Thanksgiving is almost upon us and it's one of the most dangerous times on the road. An estimated 41,000,000 U.S. residents are expected to be driving at least 50 miles on or around Thanksgiving day and all those people mean more potential for deadly accidents. In fact, Thanksgiving Day is the #1 most dangerous day to be on the road all year long...more so than July 4th, New Year's or any given Saturday. Last year over 500 people were killed on the roads on Thanksgiving day - that's a 500% increase over a typical day.  In many cases, driving on or around Thanksgiving can't be avoided. And that's okay! Being a vigilant, defensive driver is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family on the road, Thanksgiving or not. If you've got to travel this coming week be sure to...
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6 Really Solid Ways to Keep Your Friends from Driving Drunk

drunk driving
taking a cab after you have been drinking
hand and keys
Keep Your Friends from Driving Drunk It's your responsibility to stop yourself from driving drunk. Unfortunately sometimes that line becomes blurred between "drunk" and "buzzed" and all of a sudden you find yourself with wondering what to do when your intoxicated friend's about to get in their car. The situation can be even more tricky if you yourself have been drinking as well. All of a sudden it's your  responsibility to prevent a DUI. It's awkward. It's tense. It can send a ripple effect through your friendship long after the night's come and gone. So, what do you do when you know a friend or loved one is about to make one of the worst decisions of all, driving under the influence? Here are eight solid suggestions that can help keep your friend out of jail and the public out of harm's way.  1. Start with an honest convo. We get...
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Driving on Halloween? How to Stay Safe

don't get a DUI on Halloween
DUIs in Georgia on Halloween
Driving on Halloween? Stay Safe -  Halloween can and should be lots of fun. But did you know that a child is  four  times more likely to be involved in a fatal pedestrian accident on Halloween than on any other night of the year? With cars driving through unfamiliar neighborhoods and hundreds of distracted children running amok it’s difficult to drive safely this day of the year. And forget the  consequences of getting a traffic ticket ; if you’re involved in an accident on Halloween you could actually take the life of an innocent child. Whether you’ve got to get home from work, take your family to a party, or ferry your kids to-and-from walkable neighborhoods, driving safely on Halloween means keeping the following things in mind. Avoid Shortcuts Maybe you know a certain shortcut that helps you beat rush hour traffic or perhaps you just don’t want to wait...
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What Causes Most U.S. Car Accidents?

distracted driving dangers in Georgia
don't drink to much or risk getting a DUI in Atlanta
U.S. Car Accidents -  There are over 30,000 fatal car accidents in the United States each year, most of them preventable. What causes so many terrible car crashes? Of course, there are plenty of factors that can't be controlled like weather, car malfunctions, and  other  drivers. But most of the top reasons for car crashes involve more than a little human error which means careful driving and an accredited driving school education give you more control than you think over your fate on the road. So, what causes most of the car accidents in the U.S. each year? Here's what to watch for.   Distracted Driving Unfortunately (or fortunately?) distracted driving is the #1 cause of traffic accidents in America today. The good news is, these accidents are entirely preventable! The bad news is that distractions are becoming more and more common, from cell phones to fast food. Drivers who...
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The 8 Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta

Bolton Road and Marietta Road
Collier Road at Peachtree Road
Peachtree and 14th
Delmoor Court and Delmar Avenue
Howell Mill Road and Chatahoochee Road
North Druid Hills Road and Briarcliff Road
Peachtree Road and Piedmont Road
West Paces Ferry Road and Habersham Road
The 8 Most Dangerous Intersections -  It's no secret Atlanta is a dangerous place to drive. Every Atlanta driver knows the frustration of Spaghetti Junction and the interminable traffic on I-75 when a Braves game's in town. When school's in session all bets are off and if there's a major event like a concert or a Falcons game? Plan on being stuck in traffic for a while.  Over 550 people each and every year are killed on Metro Atlanta's roadways and many of those deaths occur at intersections where traffic, poor driving skills, and limited visibility play a role. Intersections aren't just dangerous for drivers, either; they're the setting for a vast majority of biking and pedestrian deaths as well. Some of Atlanta's intersections are more dangerous than others, in large part because of difficult yields, multiple lanes, and the sheer volume of cars that pass through them every day....
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10 Reasons to Take Traffic School in Person Instead of Online

in person defensive driving
online defensive driving
Take Traffic School Online -  We get it.  Traffic school isn't usually first thing on anyone's list but whether you're a new teen driver, fulfilling a court order, or just need to learn better habits for the road, attending traffic school in person will likely be more beneficial to you than taking class online.   Why? Here are 10 reasons why taking a defensive driving or DUI course in person beats taking one online anyday... 1. You'll pay more attention to a real teacher than you ever will to the internet. 2. Less eye strain! 3. Some traffic schools have free coffee and class is BYO refreshments. 4. If you have questions about the material you can ask an instructor, not Google. 5. Your cat won't fall asleep on your lap. 6. Online classes can actually take  longer  than class in person. 7. If you have trouble staying on...
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The Quick Facts About Older Drivers

older drivers in Georgia
Facts About Older Drivers - Are older drivers safe? Each and every year the cries get louder to begin reinstating licensing tests for older drivers. Is it fair? Maybe not, but is it a good idea? Probably so.  Let's take a quick look at the stats surrounding elderly drivers and what they mean for you. There are over 33,000,000 licensed drivers over the age of 65 in the U.S. Each year about 190,000 "older" adults are injured or killed in motor vehicle crashes. That's about 500 a day.  Per miles traveled, fatal crashes involving older drivers goes up starting at age 75 and sharply increases at 80+. Good news is, the rate of elderly driving fatalities has been decreasing steadily since the 1960s. Older drivers are most likely to crash when merging, angle crashes, and particularly at intersections.   So, do older drivers need to be screened year after year...
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What NOT to do if You Get Pulled Over

Atlanta police officer DUI
What NOT To Do When Pulled Over -   Blue lights and screeching sirens are terrifying. What'd you do? Will I be arrested? I can't afford a ticket! The state of Georgia makes millions upon millions of dollars each year from traffic tickets alone, and thousands of citizens are taken to jail here annually after being pulled over by the police.  Whether you're a teen, a fugitive, or an otherwise law-abiding citizen, no one wants to get pulled over. It's always an unpleasant and nervewracking experience but that doesn't mean there aren't things you can do to make it quicker and more painless. Here are a handful of things NOT to do if you get pulled over by the cops, starting with...   Don’t stop in the middle of the road. It seems obvious but traffic stops are incredibly dangerous for you and the officer. Pull over as far to...
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Who is Most Likely to Get a DUI?

DUI Driver
Reasons for DUI in Atlanta
Who Gets DUIs? You may not think you know anyone who’s had a DUI but you almost definitely do. DUIs are unfortunately all too common in the U.S. – in 2012 alone almost 30 million people admitted to drunk driving in the U.S. Over a million people are arrested each year under the suspicion of DUI. That’s way, way too many. Let’s take a quick look at who’s statistically the most likely to be charged with a DUI and also who’s most likely to be affected by them. MEN Men are almost two times as likely to drive drunk. Over 15% of all males admit to driving drunk and men account for a vast majority of all DUI arrests. YOUNG DRIVERS A full third of all drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes each year are between 21-24 years old. That means college students, young professionals, and young parents are all...
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The 7 Most Ridiculous Ways to Get a DUI

how long does dui school last
cruizin cooler
Ridiculous Ways to Get a DUI- It’s easier than you think to get a DUI. Plenty of people offer totally untrue advice: “You can’t get a DUI on a bike!” or “If you’ve only been drinking beer you can’t get a DUI.” But sometimes the way people get a DUI is so utterly ridiculous it needs to be remembered for posterity, if not for the lessons. Here are the seven most ridiculous ways you can get a DUI. 1. On a Lawnmower Yup, on a lawnmower. As recently as last month a man was arrested in Colorado for driving his riding lawnmower the wrong way down a one-way street. And guess what? Even if you’re in your own yard, you’re still operating a motor vehicle when you’re mowing so save the drinking for after. 2. In a Recliner In 2008 a Minnesota man drove his motorized Lay-Z-Boy chair, complete with...
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Teen Driving Laws in GA You Need to Know

teens going to dui class
atlanta driver needing defensive driving
Teen Driving Laws You Need to Know-   Maybe you’re a teen who (finally!) has your license, or maybe you’re the parent of a teen who’s just started driving. In Georgia, as in many states, special laws and regulations apply to teen drivers as they become more comfortable behind the wheel and it’s important you know them all before you or your teenager hit the road. Ignorance is never an excuse for disobeying traffic laws and in breaking these rules can get you a ticket or worse, get your license suspended. If you’re a Georgia teen and you’re new to driving, be sure to pay attention to these specific traffic restrictions. Joshua’s Law: Joshua’s Law went into effect in 2007 and effectively tightened the requirements for receiving a Class D driver’s license in Georgia. A Class D license is a provisional license (more on that in a minute.) In order...
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The Most Common Reasons for Traffic Stops

speeding tickets in atlanta
other reasons for taking defensive driving
Common Reasons for Traffic Stops -  About half of all traffic stops initiated by the police result in traffic tickets. About 8% of all drivers on the road will get pulled over each year, and men are more likely than women to be stopped. Contrary to popular belief about 85% of drivers say they had a legitimate reason to be stopped. Only about 5% of traffic stops result in a search of the driver or the car. So, how can you avoid getting pulled over? First and foremost, attend a certified defensive driving course in your area to ensure you’re up-to-date on the rules and regulations of the road! Ignorance is not an excuse under the law. Here are the most common reasons police pull over drivers: SPEEDING Speeding is by far and away the #1 reason police pull over drivers. You should always obey the posted speed limits and...
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Signs You May Need a DUI Risk Reduction Class

behind the wheel
drunk males
Signs You Need a DUI Class It's never easy to admit that your drinking has become a problem. There are over  18,000,000 people  suffering from disordered alcohol use in the U.S. alone and there's absolutely no shame in realizing when your casual drinking has gone too far. One of the surest ways to know you may be struggling with alcohol control is if you've ever driven while under the influence or even been stopped for DUI. Studies show that most people charged with a DUI have driven drunk dozens of times before they were pulled over so if you've reached that point it's probably time for help. Here are a few signs you may need to sign up for a licensed DUI Risk Reduction class in your area so you can head off destructive behaviors at the pass... You Have a DUI on Your Record If you’ve been charged and...
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4 (Really Good) Reasons to Take a Georgia Defensive Driving Course

car driver
Reasons To Take Defensive Driving Course-    There are plenty of reasons not to take a defensive driving course. What if it’s boring? What if you don’t pass? What if you don’t learn anything? Here in Georgia, though, there are more than enough really good reasons to get yourself signed up for defensive driving stat. Here are four perfectly good, hard to argue with reasons to take an online defensive driving course in Georgia right now.   1. Reduce the points on your license. Depending on what kind of moving violation you’ve been charged with, completing your defensive driving certificate in Georgia may help you remove some points from your license. Every 5 years, GA drivers are eligible to remove 7 points from their license by taking a course at an approved defensive driving instructional facility – online courses do not apply. Once you get 15 points on your license...
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BIG Changes to Georgia's DUI and Traffic School Laws Effective Immediately!

Atlanta DUI School and Defensive Driving Prices
North Metro Traffic School
BIG Changes to DUI and Traffic School Laws Effective Immediately! Did you know July 4th weekend is consistently the deadliest weekend on the road? With so many people out and about, many consuming alcohol, it's no surprise that over  40% of all DUI deaths  between 2007 and 2011 occured during July 4th weekends. That's too many. Effective on July 1, 2014, Georgia made some sweeping changes to laws regulating DUI and Defensive Driving Classes statewide. These laws affect every driving school, every student, and every DUI case in GA and it's important you be aware.   Here are the major changes to Georgia's DUI and traffic school laws: Class rates (which are mandated by the state) are going up - no school is legally allowed to charge less DUI classes are now $355, up from $292 Defensive Driving class fees have gone from $75 to $95 Those court-ordered to take...
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5 Proactive Ways to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

Lower your car insurance with Defensive Driving
points reduction class
Save Money on Your Car Insurance -   Is it just us or is car insurance getting out-of-control expensive? Especially if you’ve got kids who drive, car insurance payments can set you back thousands upon thousands per year, even if you’re a safe driver! Obviously we’re biased but we think good drivers should be rewarded for driving safely and their insurance rates should reflect that. Whether you’re paying too much, just went through a rate hike, or are new to car insurance and can barely believe your first statement, here are five proactive ways to save money on your insurance bill.   1. Call your insurance provider. It seems simple, but the first step you should take when looking to lower your insurance payments is to reach out directly to your provider. They may offer discounts you weren’t aware of or they may lower your rate if you say you’re...
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Distracted Driving Doesn't Just Include Texting

distracted driver
map reading
Distracted Driving Reasons -   Distracted driving is no small matter. Over 3,000 people a year are killed in distracted driving crashes in the U.S. alone, and 10% of all teens involved in accidents say they were distracted in some way. Of course, texting gets a lot of press for being the most pressing distraction today, but there are plenty of other things people are doing while driving that put everyone at risk. The first thing you learn during defensive driving classes is that a distracted driver is a deadly one. That's true! Don't just assume that because you've put the phone away you're in the clear...these distractions are just as dangerous when you're behind the wheel. Eating Our fast-paced lives and availability of fast food mean lots of people have taken to eating while driving. While it's probably fine to sip a soda or chew gum while driving you...
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6 Things to Look for in a Traffic School

georgia traffic school
best dui school
nicest dui school classes
What To Look For In An Online Traffic School We know, we know. You've been court ordered to take DUI classes or maybe you just need to brush up your skills in a defensive driving class. No one's usually all that  excited  to be going to traffic school (except us, but we're biased!) but that's okay! All you really need to focus on is learning and growing as a driver. In the meantime, why not attend a driving school that's, at the very least, comfortable and relatively enjoyable? At North Metro, we pride ourselves on creating the kind of environment we'd want to take driving classes in, and our students tell us they can feel the difference. Next time you need to sign up for traffic school, even if you're not in the Atlanta area, look for these six things...   1. Convenient Location Odds are, you're going to be...
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Online DUI School and Online Driver's Ed