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Driver's Ed In Florida Now Online

Learn the Rules of Driving Online

Students in Florida now have many options when it comes to learning to drive.  Many students will still take the programs in person but many now are learning the basics through an online driving school class like the one offered by North Metro Traffic School.  Having helped thousands of students learn to drive in person through their defensive driving programs in Florida, our school is now offering the classroom portion of Drivers Ed online.  

Classes are reasonable and students really enjoy the flexiblity of being able to learn and take the course anywhere, anytime.  Because of Florida's strick driving laws, it is always a good idea to check with your local DMV to see if North Metro's classes will qualify.  If the online portion doesn't, it's great practise and many students will pass their test first try after completing our Driver's Ed course.  Try it today from home or whereever you are.  Good luck on the road and be safe Florida. 

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