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Can I Still Take DUI Classes, Drug Possession and Online Evaluations Online

Will Online Court & DUI Courses Still Be Available After Covid

As many States have started to allow more and more students to take their court appointed classes online, many clients are wondering how long these classes will be allowed and if they will go back to in-person classes.  It's hard to tell how long online learning will be the norm in many states, however, many companies like NM Online Education have and will continue to operate 100% online.  That means customers looking for help or to meet a requirement for DUIs, MIP, Possession of Drug courses etc will still have this convenient option.  

Offering online court and rehabilitation classes online makes sense for many students and after COVID, we feel like many more states will lean on online providers to provide even more classes as things start to return to normal across the US.  

Covid has certainly brought more awareness to online courses and shown how beneficial these programs can be.  

Online DUI Courses

These courses are set up and designed based on how many hours of education a student needs.  Some states require a minimum of 8 hours while others require 20 plus hours of class work.  It is always a good idea to talk to your attorney to be sure you are taking the correct length course.  If you do not know, our site will guide you to our providers that have every requirement for each state.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluations Online

During the pandemic, there has been a huge increase and need for distance counseling and taking an Alcohol and Drug Assessment online is a great tool in discovering your next step towards recovery and getting your life back on track.  Many states will require one as a condition of arrest and because more and more counseling are moving their practices online, this is a great program that has come a long way in a short amount of time.  

Drug Possession and MIP Classes Online

This course is similar to a DUI course in that it is determined by the length of time you need to take. If you are taking this for a court case or something else, double check how many hours of class time you need and sign up for the appropriate online class based on that.  

Defensive Driving Online

More and more states are requiring speeders to complete a Defensive Driving class and online classes through one of our partners is a great way to get this completed.  These are detailed and really help drivers understand and learn the ins and outs of driving safely.  

Anger Management Online

This national online program is a great option for those having to complete a class for a multitude of reasons.  Many courts now require its completion and this program is a great tool to making the necessary changes needed to turn your life around and learn from a past mistake.  

Drivers Education Online

If you or one of your children are just learning to drive, online Drivers Ed is the way to go.  Not only taken by itself but also if you want to combine it with in-person learning as well.  We have the best partners and this course is really good at teaching new drivers the basics and helping them become much more confident and safer driver when they get out there on their own.  

For a full list of classes, click here.


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