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Online Drug and Alcohol Classes Available During Covid 19

Online Clinical Evaluations, Online DUI and Drug Classes Now Available

With so many people staying at home and not leaving their homes, there is has been a massive spike in the number of online courses popping up and enrollment is through the roof.   These are unprecedented times and those of us that have been working and promoting online education are finally being heard.  The benefits of taking an Online Drug and Alcohol class during the COVID pandemic are many.  There will never be another time when so many people in the US had the time to sit down and complete many of these courses.  We have been offering such a wide variety of classes and many of them are perfect for people looking for help with Drug and Alcohol, Counseling, Anger Management and even learning to drive.

NM Online Education has been offering online traffic school and DUI courses online since 2008.  We have partnered with many of the top providers in the country and we have classes in every single state.  With COVID 19 bringing all in-person courses to a hault, there is no better time than to check out one of our classes and get started.  If this is for an upcomign court case or if you are looking into this to help address an ongoing problem you have with drugs and alcohol, we can help. 

Online Drug and Alcohol evaluations are conducted via Skype, over the phone and via email.  This is a wonderful program that is designed to help anyone and eveyone.  A licensed counselor will talk with you and discuss your history and problems with Alcohol or Drugs and get you on the right path to recovery.   

Online Drug classes are designed for people who have been arrested on a drug related charge but also for the millions of Americans battling a drug problem as well.  Whether it be for prescription drugs or marijuana, this class is very insightful.  

Online DUI & MIP Classes.  If you have been arrested or received a ticket for either DUI, DWI or MIP, there is a host of online courses that we can provide for you.  Whether this is pre-trial or after the conviction, this is a great option and time to complete the Online DUI School during this COVID 19 shutdown. 

Online Anger Management courses have become more and more popular over the years.  This is a well designed course to help those people struggling to control their rage and temper.  If you have been arrested on a disorderly conduct charge or if you're just having problems at home, you may want to look into one of North Metro Traffic School's anger managerment courses.  

In additon to all of the Alcohol and Drug classes we offer, NM Online Education has been offering teen driving and defensive driving courses for more than 10 years.  If you're learning to drive or if you have received a speeding ticket, one of our classes can help.  Take the Online Defensive Driving class before court and this can really help your chances.  

This is a crazy time in our country and we know many, many Amercians are struggling.  We hope though if you do have an issue you need help with or just have more time than usual, you check out one of our many online courses because they can certainly get you back on track and help you get through the COVID - 19 mess.  


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