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Pre-Trial Drug and Alcohol Assessments to Help Your Colorado Case

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North Metro is proud to partner with AJ Novick Group to offer Over-The-Phone Drug & Alcohol Evaluations in Colorado.

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Drug and Alcohol Assessments In Colorado

Don’t let an alcohol or drug charge in Colorado ruin your record. If you’re facing court time for a recent misdemeanor or felony substance charge you’ll likely be required to complete a professional drug and alcohol evaluation. The good news is, having an assessment done before you head to court may encourage the judge to show leniency. Whether you live in Denver, Pueblo, or anywhere in between there’s a certified evaluation counselor in your area and you may even be able to complete your assessment over the phone.

Over The Phone Evaluations For Colorado Court

Professional evaluations in Colorado only take about an hour and the cost is set by the state so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal. These courses fill up quickly – there are over 55,000 Coloradans on probation alone! – so you need to sign up now to save your time slot. Failing to complete your evaluation on time could mean a hefty fine or even jail time.

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Certified Colorado Court Evaluations

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You can trust our team of qualified counselors to provide you with a totally unbiased evaluation in Colorado. They understand your busy schedule and your need for a quick, confidential assessment. 

Affordable Colorado Court Assessments

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Don't let the fear of running into someone you know stop you from completing your Colorado drug and alcohol requirements. Our online programs are always 100% confidential so you can be sure your identity is protected from prying eyes.

Our partners provide the very best online alcohol and drug evaluations in CO at rates you can always afford!


Over The Phone In Colorado

Completed Over the Phone/Skype

Have a packed schedule? Get your evaluation done over the phone or even using Skype to save yourself a bundle in gas money and inconvenience. With a limited number of evaluation centers in CO, remote assessments just make the most sense.

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Worried about making a financial commitment? We offer a full money-back guarantee if you're unhappy with your assessment experience for any reason. We're only satisfied once you're completely satisfied.

Trusted Nationwide

Trusted Nationwide

Our online assessment has helped thousands of students across the U.S. including Colorado complete their court requirements efficiently and affordably. We're a recognized leader in quality substance abuse programs, traffic programs, and more!

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North Metro is proud to partner with AJ Novick Group to bring you the most experienced, convenient and trusted online Drug & Alcohol Evaluations in Colorado.

Remember: It is your responsibility to check with your attorney, the court,
and/or the DMV to ensure a distance-learning class meets your needs and requirements.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation - Colorado

Here at NM Online, we aim to connect our clients with substance abuse evaluations that are based on many years of expertise in the field. Our team of qualified counselors has taken their experience and training and molded them into high-quality assessments to identify substance abuse problems. We understand that you might have been ordered to take a drug and alcohol assessment by a court or you might just want to take one because of your own concerns. Whichever the case, we are committed to helping you access a non-biased substance abuse evaluation in Colorado.

In addition to our drug and alcohol evaluations, we also provide resources for drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation to help you through the process of overcoming your addiction.

What Is a Drug & Alcohol Assessment?

A drug and alcohol evaluation involves a thorough examination of one's substance use to establish a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Our specialists will ask questions to evaluate the type of substances used, dosage, and frequency of usage. The purpose of this exercise is to give an idea of the subject's substance abuse history.

The results of these investigations provide a better idea of the person's relationship with drugs and alcohol and the scope of substance abuse. The findings, on the whole, are quite helpful in producing treatment plans and recommendations for the patient.

Reasons a Person Might Be Required to Receive an Evaluation

Judges may order a drug or alcohol assessment if you have been arrested on charges of drinking and driving or driving under the influence of a controlled substance. Additionally, the court may require an evaluation if you have been charged with a drug-related crime, such as possession or intent to distribute. In these situations, the court might order an alcohol and drug evaluation to assess the degree and influence of your drug or alcohol use or to determine if you have an addiction that needs to be treated.

Finally, if you're on probation for a prior drug-related offense, the court might require a drug assessment along with regular drug tests. In this instance, the evaluation aims to ensure that you are adhering to your probation conditions and not using drugs.

A court-ordered drug assessment is also common in the following circumstances:

  • Production of restricted drugs.
  • Behavior that is unlawful or destructive.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption in public.
  • Using fake identification to get into a club or bar.

Generally, this assessment can be used as an opportunity to get help with your substance use and prevent future criminal activity from happening again. It may even lead to getting a reduced punishment, depending upon what transpires during this process.

Who Will See My Assessment After It Is Completed?

No one but the counselors involved with your assessment will see your results unless you sign a release of information to a specific entity or organization, as HIPAA regulations prevent anyone from viewing your results without your permission.

Requests for information will be denied unless there is a signed release from the client allowing for their data to be shared with interested parties under each request.

Get the Help You Need

Have you been charged with a DUI or drug-related crime in Colorado? We can help! If you or someone you know has been ordered to complete a drug or alcohol evaluation by the court, it is critical to act quickly and complete the evaluation as soon as possible.