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Looking for Alcohol Classes in Illinois?

Illinois is part of the “Binge Drinking Belt” which runs across the Midwest. The Land of Lincoln has a particular problem with underage drinking, especially on its many college campuses. DuPage, Northern Illinois, Joleit, Urbana-Champaign…they can all claim their fair share of MIP arrests, DUIs, and other alcohol offenses.

Online Alcohol & DUI Courses – Easy and Convenient

Almost a full 50% of all traffic fatalities on Illinois’ roads involve alcohol. That’s too many! If you’ve been charged with a DUI in IL or even if you’re just getting concerned you may have a problem with alcohol, sign up for an online alcohol awareness program today. It’s never too late to learn more about the effects alcohol has on your life and on your criminal record.

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Are you in a time crunch? Or maybe you want to head to court in Illinois with your certificate of completion in hand? We'll provide you with your official certificate online or in the mail as soon as you're done. How does having your online DUI School certificate sooner matter?  As we all know, many of us wait until the last minute to begin and complete many of the things we know need to get done. It could be working long hours at work, taking care of the children or going to school, whatever the reason, our days are busy and our time is valuable but that is one of the main reason NM Online Education's Alcohol and DUI classes are so popular.  Because our partners mail out your certificate immediately, your class can be started and completed much faster than any in-person choice in Illinois. 

Professional Certificates

One thing that is also very important is taking an online class from a professional and reputable company.  NM Online Education has been in this business since 2008 and we have had many customers come to us after completing another online school.  The reason has been in many cases that the court would now accept the unprofessional documentation provided by this less expensive provider.  Very little information is provided and done in a manner that was hard to determine the curriculum and length of the course.  Be careful who you go through because without the official completion paperwork being done in a professional way, the court may not accept an unreconized programs online DUI paperwork.  

Cheap DUI School


Don't be fooled by other cheaper online courses.  North Metro Online Education provides only state-of-the-art programs that in many cases cost much less than in-person courses throughout Illinois.  You're getting a great deal.  Our partners provide the best online training in IL at rates you can always afford!

Another benefit for taking an Illinois DUI School online is the fact that you will not need to miss school or work to complete the class and this ultimately can save you money.  Many of our students work on the weekend and this is primarily when Alcohol and DUI classes are given in person.  Because our classes can be taken online after work, you will not need to worry about losing any days from work.  

Finally, the cost of going to an in-person class also costs money.  From the gas to eating out and even the wear and tear on your vehicle is something to be considered and another big reason many students choose NM Onlnie in Illinois. 

Confidential Class

Completely Anonymous

Don't let the fear of running into someone you know stop you from completing your Illinois drug and alcohol requirements. Our online programs are always 100% confidential so you can be sure your identity is protected from prying eyes.  

If you are like many of our clients, the fact of sitting in a classroom full of strangers after receiving a DUI or MIP is embarrassing and not something our students look forward to.  Most DUIs in Illinois are committed by first time offenders and it can be a very stressful time and having to go to a local center can seem overwhelming.  Many students fear sitting in a room having to tell their stories.  While these situations can help, a lot of the same information can be learned just as affectively through online videos and new learning tools.   

Money Back For Defensive Driving

Money Back Guarantee

Worried about making a financial commitment? We offer a full money-back guarantee if you're unhappy with your DUI or MIP class experience for any reason. We're only satisfied once you're completely satisfied.  One of the main reasons to go through NM Online Education is because we only partner with the top providers of Online DUI and Online Alcohol programs in Illinois.  The companies we work with are the most experienced in the entire industry and we stand behind all of our courses.  This is something only a handful of companies are willing to do so going through us gives you a huge advantage. 

Chicago and Illinois Approved

Trusted Nationwide

Our online DUI or MIP class has helped thousands of students across the U.S. including Illinois complete their requirements efficiently and affordably. We're a recognized leader in quality substance abuse programs, traffic programs, and more!  NM Online Education realizes the importance of the situation you are in so rest assured, you are signing up with one of the most experienced and professional groups in the country.  

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Remember: It is your responsibility to check with your attorney, the court,
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