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North Metro is proud to partner with iDriveSafely to bring you the best online Driver's Ed course in Kansas.

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Teen Drivers: Take Kansas Driver’s Ed Online

Looking forward to getting your driver’s license? Don’t be the only one of your friends that doesn’t pass the state exam…take an online driver’s ed course in Kansas today to be better prepared for your state exam. The more practice you have with state-approved questions the more confident you’ll feel when it’s time to sit for the test. Pass with flying colors with the help of a KS traffic school!

Kansas Online Driving School Courses

Online driver’s education is the easiest, most convenient way to get more practice with your driving skills. The course is cheap and it only takes a few hours to complete. It’s filled with multimedia tutorials and real test questions and because all you need is an internet connection you can even take it on your phone! Imagine your parents’ faces when you tell them you voluntarily signed up for drivers ed.

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Kansas Online Drivers Ed

Use Any Device: Phone, Computer, Tablet

Have a packed schedule after school? Get your class done on your phone or tablet.  Save yourself a bundle in gas money and inconvenience.  With a limited number of Driver's Education schools in the Wheat State, online driver's ed just make the most sense.

Teen Drivers

Set Your Own Pace

Don't let an in-class curriculum stress you out. Complete your Kansas requirements on your own time, at your own pace whether you're using your phone on your lunch breaks in Topeka or logging in nightly from home.

Online Driving School

State/DMV Approved

You can rest assured our driver's ed class in Kansas is completely state-approved for content and length. Plus, completing your class before heading to court may help you avoid longer, more tedious in-person classes.

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Easy and Fun: 100% Online

Yes, your driver's ed class should be fun! Completing your requirements in Kansas from anywhere with internet access makes is way more painless than sitting for hours in a classroom. Plus, our multimedia learning tools are as entertaining as they are educational.

Drivers Education Kansas

24/7 Customer Support

Have a question? Our 24-hour customer support team can answer all your questions about completing a driver's ed class in KS. We're always available when you need some answers.

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North Metro is proud to partner with iDriveSafely to bring you the most advanced, easiest and trusted online Driver's Ed course in Kansas.

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