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Many students have no idea what to look for in a DUI school. By law the prices are all the same, $292, and most people don't exactly know what to ask their friends and family for in terms of recommendations. However, all schools are not created the same. So how do you best go about finding the right class? You can start by considering the following issues. 

Consider the Facilities

There are some GA DUI classes that are held in dark, windowless rooms and use chairs and desks bought years and years ago. These rooms can make a bad situation even more uncomfortable. Be sure that you're choosing a classroom atmosphere that is bright, clean and newly built. This will make the classes go by much faster and help you to feel much more comfortable.

Consider the Technique
Some DUI classes will just go through the motions, giving you the information you need in a dry and dull way. You should avoid this type of teaching, as it will just leave you bored out of your mind. Instead, look for a school that will work hard to make the classes as entertaining as possible. Not only will you be less bored, the classes will go by much faster and you'll be much more likely to retain the information you're taught.

Consider the Location
Many people consider location and end up choosing a school based solely on their proximity to their home. However, keep in mind that there's no telling where you'll be leaving from to get to your classes. You might be leaving from home, work, school, a friend's house – you never know! Your best bet is to choose a school that is centrally located so that you can get there easily no matter where you're coming from.

Consider the Convenience
You want to look for risk reduction classes that are as convenient as possible. The less they affect your daily life, the better off you will be. Pay attention to seemingly little things, like the ability to register for classes online. If you aren't able to do so, this can lead to hours of annoyance as you visit the school in person, wait in line and generally go through the ordeal. Look for a school that offers conveniences like being able to register for your classes online.

Consider Your Privacy
Of course when you need to take this class, you're not likely to share this information with everyone you know. Be sure that you're choosing a school that will take your privacy seriously and will not share your information with anyone without your approval. The school you choose should have a privacy policy. It's a good idea to read it and become familiar with it.

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