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What Does An Alchol and Drug Evaluation Consist Of?

What Is A Over The Phone Alcohol and Drug Evaluation?

If you have received a DUI or other drug related charge in Georgia, you are now required to complete a drug and alcohol evaluation by a certified and licensed counselor. It doesn’t matter is this is the first time or if you have had multiple DUI offenses, this law applies to you.  The clinical evaluation will consist of some introductory paperwork and then a short meeting with a counselor.  You will need to be prepared to discuss the reason you are there in addition to speaking about your past history.  Typically these appointments will last anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half. 

Your session will be private and the minimum price set by Georgia is $95 for all 1st Offense DUIs or similar charges.  If you have received tickets in the past or have received a ticket in another state, the minimum price for an appointment will be $150. 

Most alcohol and drug evaluators will need to see copies of your tickets and also they will need to know who your probation officer is or if you have an attorney working on your case. 


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