Georgia Certificates of Completion for DUI, Defensive Driving & Counseling

Certificates For DUI, Defensive Driving, Driver's Ed & Counseling

After you complete a state certified Defensive Driving or DUI Risk Reduction program, you will be issued an official certificate of completion from the Department of Driver Services (DDS). Only programs regulated by the State of Georgia can issue official certificates of completion that are valid in courts, probation offices or if you are trying to get your license reinstated so beware that there are many online programs that claim their programs are valid.  This is incorrect.  Online DUI and Defensive Driving programs are not allowed in Georgia.  State licensed schools are regulated by the Department of Driver Services and will be listed on the Department’s website and every school has a 4 digit id number as well.  The DDS regulates both the 20 hour DUI  program and the 6 hour Defensive Driving program while the Department of Human Services regulates all Drug and Alcohol Evaluators and ASAM Level 1 Treatment Providers.

Upon completion of the 20 hour Risk Reduction program and Defensive Driving course, every student will receive a certificate with a completion number in the upper right hand corner.  Once a student has this certificate they should bring a hard copy of the completion certificate with them to a local DDS center once they are ready to get their license reinstated.  The reinstatement fee is $210 in the State of Georgia and every other condition must be completed in order to have a license reinstated.  If you have received a DUI or Reckless Driving charge, typically community service and a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation are required in order to get your license back.  However, every case is different so be sure you know exactly what you need to complete before going to the DDS office. 

If you complete a Drug and Alcohol evaluation or the ASAM Level 1 treatment, the counselor in charge of your program will issue you official documentation from the Department of Human Services.  The treatment provider or the counselor will help you by making sure every stipulation was met and all of your paperwork is correct for court or to be given to a probation officer in charge of your case.

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