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Do I Need A Georgia Defensive Driving Class

Do I Need To Take A Defensive Driving Course?

It probably wouldn't hurt. Whether you've been driving for many years or have been recommended to take a class because you've received a ticket, Defensive Driving classes cover a lot more material than you may think.  A Defensive Driving class  helps in obtaining points reductions on your driving record, possible reductions on your auto insurance premiums, and license reinstatement.  Over the years these courses have improved significantly and cover everything from road signs to what to do if you're being followed. Car control and how to avoid a collision are also included as well. 

Both new drivers and experienced ones alike are surprised by the amount of information covered and typically everyone will learn something new. Not only what to do, but sometimes, more importantly, what not to do in many situations. 

One definition of Defensive Driving is “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.” The action of others is an important topic and is something that can help good drivers become even better drivers. 

The State of Georgia Defensive Driving program is 6 hours in length and is commonly required or recommended to individuals that have received some kind of moving violation. The courts hope that through education the offender will learn not make that same, illegal mistake again. In addition to helping motorists that have been cited, students also get a lot more information pertaining to everything from car maintenance to in-depth review of the rules of the road that are always changing. 


From drivers just starting out, to older adults with years of driving experience, many will enjoy this interactive and engaging program that has been taught throughout Georgia for many years and has been very successful in making our roadways safer than ever before. 


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