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What is an Atlanta Victim Impact Panel?

Atlanta Victim Impact Panel?

A victim impact panel is a 2 hour group session that involves speakers and students.  The organizers of the panel will facilitate a meeting and students will listen to a group of individuals about how alcohol and drugs have impacted their lives.  Many of the stories are very impactful and are designed to show students the dangers of alcohol and how it can ruin not only your own life but others around you.

Many people are killed on the road every year, and in the United States you can lose your license if you do not obey road rules. When you are convicted of DUI offenses in Georgia, you will be required to attend a Victim Impact Panel in Atlanta where you will receive proper counseling and further driver education. The course is similar to support group held for AA for alcoholics or for drug abuse, and professional speakers who have suffered losses from others driving under the influence of alcohol teach offenders what can happen from this irresponsibility. After you have attended our Victim Impact Panel in Atlanta you will be provided with a certificate to show to the courts, and a record is also kept by us for future reference if you need it.

Victim Impact Panels have been around for a long time and have been used to decrease the amount of repeat DUIs from taking place.  It is one of the most powerful programs given in regards to drug and alcohol used in Atlanta. 

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