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4 (Really Good) Reasons to Take a Georgia Defensive Driving Course

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Reasons To Take Defensive Driving Course- 


There are plenty of reasons not to take a defensive driving course. What if it’s boring? What if you don’t pass? What if you don’t learn anything? Here in Georgia, though, there are more than enough really good reasons to get yourself signed up for defensive driving stat.

Here are four perfectly good, hard to argue with reasons to take an online defensive driving course in Georgia right now.


1. Reduce the points on your license.
Depending on what kind of moving violation you’ve been charged with, completing your defensive driving certificate in Georgia may help you remove some points from your license. Every 5 years, GA drivers are eligible to remove 7 points from their license by taking a course at an approved defensive driving instructional facility – online courses do not apply. Once you get 15 points on your license within 24 months it will be suspended by the state so it’s important to avoid racking them up unnecessarily.

2. Get a discount on your car insurance.
Did you know lots of car insurance companies offer safe driver discounts to certain groups of people, often teens and the elderly? You should check with your insurance provider directly to find out if you’re eligible but if so, it’s easy to sign up for a defensive driving course. Additionally, taking a defensive driving course will likely actually make you a safer driver which may, in turn, help keep your premiums low and avail you to other insurance discounts.


3. A Georgia court has ordered it.
In some cases it’s necessary to take a defensive driving course to have your driver’s license reinstated after a suspension. Some traffic tickets may be dismissed altogether if you can prove you’ve completed a GA defensive driving class. In some more serious cases, a judge or traffic court will require you to complete a course as part of your sentencing. You should talk to a traffic attorney about your eligibility.

4. You’re a new driver or have a history of accidents.
Some folks just need a little professional help to be better drivers. And that’s okay! There are a lot of really intelligent, really interesting people in Georgia’s defensive driving classes who are smart enough to realize they’ll be safer on the road with some professional instruction. Teens and first-time drivers, in particular, usually say they’re surprised by how much they didn’t know about driving before they completed a defensive driving course.


When choosing a defensive driving course in Georgia you want to look for a facility that’s clean, conveniently located, and offers plenty of class times to suit your schedule. And if you’ve got questions, don’t be afraid to ask! A good defensive driving school will guide you through the process from sign up to certification.

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