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How Does Multiple Drinking and Driving Arrests Affect Your Record?

drinking and driving affects your record

In 2016, drunk driving incidents accounted for 28 percent of vehicle-related traffic fatalities. This is why drinking and driving are so serious; people's lives are in jeopardy.

With that in mind, we are going to take you through everything that could affect your records. It is not surprising to know the impacts are rather severe.

1. The Suspension of Your Driving License

When you receive multiple DUI's, there is a good chance your driving license will be suspended for up to two years on your first conviction. Sometimes, you will get an exemption that will allow you to drive to work, but occasionally, you will not.

If you fall into the latter category, this could jeopardize your job and make your life increasingly stressful and challenging when you need to address day-to-day activities and obligations.

2. The Loss of Your Job

Many employers insert a clause into their employment contracts that state any conviction is grounds for instant dismissal. Unfortunately, if your employer adopts this policy, you will most likely lose your job.

Jail time, court dates, and community service requirements take up time and can put your job at risk as well.

3. Complications with Insurance

If you manage to keep your license, you may find your insurance plan does not cover you if you receive a DUI since they consider you a high-risk driver.

The consequences could be worse if your company's insurance covers you since your employer may lose their coverage by keeping you employed which forces their hand on the matter of your dismissal.

In the best case scenario, your car insurance and/or your employer's vehicle insurance will be more expensive which is not good for anyone concerned.

4. The Revocation of Your Professional License

If you need a professional license to practice your job, you probably already know that a DUI could risk the revocation of your permit to practice.

This could jeopardize the following career paths:

  • Lawyers
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • and many others

It will all depend on the state you reside in and the agency that monitors your licensing. Naturally, if you lose your professional license, you miss out on work and an income.

On a similar note, if you possess a commercial driver's license, you should know that a DUI displays on your record for up to 55 years! So your career as a commercial driver will most likely come to an end.

5. Job Applications

Depending on what state you live in, your job applications may be severely affected.

Some states don't permit employers to inquire into your previous arrests and convictions. However, some companies request that you disclose your track record up front.

Naturally, a DUI shows on both your public and driver's license records. Do not lie about your previous offenses to better the chances of getting hired. Honesty is always the best policy even though it can affect the way you are perceived by your employer or coworkers.

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